BB&T Bank and Bank of America - Unlawful overdraft charges

Posted on Sunday, November 30th, 2008 at 6:34am CST by c5127190

Company: BB&T Bank and Bank of America

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I have been banking with BB&T for several years, I have never written a "bad check", not have I been overdrawn until this year. Since March of 2008, I have been charged 13 overdraft fees at $35.00 each because BB&T has the RIDICULOUS practice of only crediting $100.00 per deposit(of a check,even if it's a payroll check!!!!) They are stealing millions of dollars, charging fees on debits of as little as $1.00. This has to be stopped, please help! I will join a classaction suit if anyone knows of one.


035d96fa, 2009-01-12, 11:16PM CST

On Dec. 18 2008 a lawsuit was filed in US District Court in the Western District of Virginia against BB&T. The lawsuit alleges that BB&T misrepresents its products and services to consumers, misleads its consumers about overdraft fees, resequences credits and debits to artificially create overdraft fees, gouges consumers, breaches its duty of good faith and fair dealings owed to its consumers, and violates contractual law. The law firm of Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann, & Bernstein,LLP has been retained as counsel to represent this as a class action. If you are interested in joining as a class participant please contact me back via email.

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Banking law and regulations limit the amount of a check to be available for payment. Depending on the size of the check deposit even if it is a payroll check, you may not have the entire amount available to be withdrawn as cash. I do not know the size of your payroll check, you should have credited as "available amount" more than $100. I would contact the bank and dispute the 13 overdraft charges. If the bank violates the law and regulations, you are entitled to a maximum of $1000 in statutory damages plus actual damages and costs.

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