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Sad is the fact that we read reviews and write reviews (like me right now) only after something bad happen to us. I am writing this comment from the airport ground. I'm having the lunch at Panorama restaurant on Bratislava airport waiting for my flight. My second flight, you'll see later why. These are the only two good things about this airport. Good food and free wireless internet access. Well, what am I talking about, it's not the airports fault, it's the SkyEurope cowboys the ones that have completely spoilt this lovely time we had in Bratislava. As I can see 99% of the bad comments are related to SkyEurope Bratislava and so is mine. SkyEurope is a good company it is just that this crew at Bratislava airport has developed its own communist dictatorship.

The story in short: We've left London on Thursday evening and everything went just perfect. On our way back the traffic was quite bad and we arrived at the airport 2 minutes late. Exactly 2 minutes late. They've refused to check us in as we are two minutes late. Had a major argument with all of them. We fly quite a lot and being 5 - 10 minutes late it is fine with all other airlines even with these guys in London for example. But not here in Bratislava. Communists. The supervisor came downstairs at my request (his name is PETER KAJDI or KASDI?) just to tell me that we should have predict the delay. There are things in life that you cannot predict I have replied like an accident. Otherwise there would be no accidents unfortunately we cannot predict. The fact we have managed to reach the airport in time its a plus given the traffic and he should be polite and helpful at the same time as hes getting his wages from us, the passengers. He was stubborn like a donkey. Kept telling that he can't let us go as the fuel is not enough on the plane in 1st place, then that the system is closed or that the pilot needs to know who we are and he can't tell him because we are late now and finally the last excuse was that even if we would have been late 5 seconds he would have done the same as this is the system and he must follow the system. What system I asked? We were 2 minutes late, literally just 2 minutes late. The luggage band was still rolling. People still going upstairs. Ladies still attaching labels to the luggages. Come on; leave me with this byrocratic communist mentality. He has refused threatening us with the police.

We had to buy another ticket for the next flight with (guess who?) the same company as it's the only one that flights from here. Costs? 500 Euros. Not to mention the parking in London which has expired (I am expecting a big fine there too)

Are we going to fly again with SkyEurope? Probably not if they dont come back to us with apologies at least. I am going to post this complaint on as many forums as possible until I receive an answer back from SkyEurope. I am also going to send this complaint to as many newspapers we will find from UK and Slovakia. You have our promise we are not going to leave this matter unfinished. We are also going to forward this complaint to all our address books and ask them to fwd-it to their colleagues too and so on to let them know the truth about SkyEurope Bratislava. Well send it to the airport complaints, to the local authorities, Slovak govern and parliament just to let them know that the country image can be badly affected by a couple of employees who think that the airport is their backyard and they can do anything they want when they want.

We have lost 500 Euros, 60 as a car fine (hopefully not) and 4:30 hours of our time for a 2 minutes delay.

Thank you for your time, stay tuned, youll hear from us soon.


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5e3607a7, 2008-11-30, 04:57PM CST

Animals! We have had exactly the same problem at the same airport with the same company. SKYEUROPE. ANIMALS! Never again.

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65f5da4e, 2009-01-21, 06:39AM CST


It was really sad to read your story. As no one else I understand it a lot: the same story happened to me and my boyfriend last week when we were taking a flight from Paris to Prague. However, our situation was even worse: the lady closed check-in in front of us 5 minutes ahead of time. And even worse than that: there was no one at SkyEurope booth. The story-end is pretty the same: we were offered 300 EUR ticket back (whereas original one was 39 EUR) and thats it.. The repr.of SkyEurpe refused to discuss anything else handing us SkyEurope complaint dept. e-mail and nothing else..we even couldnt get to a manager or to obtain her name.. (so as one can see Paris crew is even worse :-) ).

We are sending complaints to literary everywhere possible, but really wanted to ask you if you were successful in your case..just for the case.. we can be ready for an outcome..

Many thanks for your reply.

Take care!


45a7d44d, 2009-02-16, 06:44AM CST

Despite their pretences that business is as usual, it seems more than likely that SkyEurope is going bankrupt. That had better be the case, otherwose there would be every indication that th cmpany is out to rob unsuspecting individuals the evidence of which is plenty.

SkyEurope is either in deep financial trouble or is going to be in trouble by betraying its customers who will not keep their resolve for much longer. I know that the EU Consumers Centres in Europe are all alerted by th volume of complaints made against the company and that since SkyEurope has resorted to lying and tricking its customers regarding the refunds they owe them, they have already found themselves in a big legal scandal. I understand that a number of companies are negotiating a buy out with them, but from experience, I can tell that this is ahopeless case. Get in touch with EU consumer centre and see what you can get out of them.

102b5f9b, 2009-02-27, 09:42AM CST

I am sorry to say that i have excactly the same feeling. very friendly when selling the tickets but after they rescheduled flights for us 3 times for a flight between CPH and Prague, we got the choice either to change for the 4th time og or get our money back. i chose, appearently wrong, to get my money back. After 3 or 4 mails back and forward with [email protected] where i had to submit a lot of infos over and over again a customer representative finally told me that the financial dept. would refund me in 3-4 weeks. that is now 12 weeks ago. i have been writing them but all the sudden the above mail address only handles reservation although that was where my previous correspondance was handled. instead i should write to [email protected] but i only keep getting autoreplies and even though copying the other mail address they only answer back i should address the complaints address. they are deliberetely witholding our money so the best to say about this company is that it is a shitty lying company you should never attend to


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