Sunshine Subscription Agency Inc. - Sunshine Subscription Agency Inc. Scam

Posted on Monday, November 3rd, 2008 at 7:20pm CST by 6cb0046f

Product: Magazine subscription

Company: Sunshine Subscription Agency Inc.

Location: 7522 Wiles Rd Ste 112
Coral Springs, Fl, 33067, US


Category: Other

On 6/5/08 I got a knock on my door and two college kids were standing there asking if I want to buy a magazine subscription. I ordered two books/magazines for my daughter one being My Little Pony and the other is Disney Princess. Now the receipt says that it will be 90 to 120 days for delivery which was fine but as of today we still have not received them. My husband called the Sunshine Subscription Agency to see what the problem was and they had told him that they were no longer being published and to send in our receipt and we will get refunded so he hung up with them and told me the news. I wanted to know what else there was that we could get and why a letter or phone call had not been placed to let us know. So he called back and talked to the same lady and was asking her the questions and she seemed to have gotten irritated and told him that there was nothing she could do and to send in the receipt and that they are very busy and there were only three people working in that office and then hung up on him. So I called back and spoke to a lady and she told me her name was Barbara Bee and I told her of my situation and she told me that she could refund my money and send me a complimentary subscription, which was fine. So then I asked her the name of the lady that my husband had talked to and told her that she hung up on him and she told me that she doesn't know and that there are a lot of people working there today, so I told her that I didn't mind waiting. So she put me on hold for a couple of minutes and the lady that my husband talked to got on the phone and told said "what is it that you want me to do? we are very busy I have already told your husband what I can do I don't know what else you expect me to do so have a good day!" and then she hung up on me. So I dialed again and all I heard was them pick up the phone and hang it back up. So again I dial, same thing...after three or four times of calling my frustration level was way up there. So I dial again and the same lady answer that hung up on us before, so I told her that I could do this all day and she said, yelling at me mind you, "it's pretty pathetic that this is what you have to do all day!! If you want to keep calling go right ahead it's not going to get you anywhere!!" and she hung up. By this time I was BOILING. So I called back and Barbara Bee answered the phone and I asked her what the name of her boss is (Vincent R. Pitts, they said he was on vacation until the 15th) and to let him know that the BBB will be contacted. She tried to reason with me saying that she already told me what she can do and she doesn't know why I am so upset. So I explained to her that I have never witness such horrific customer service, and that there is no excuse for that lady to hang up on us that many times. So she asked me what I wanted and why I keep calling. I told her that all I wanted was for her (we found out her name could be Susan Rose) to apologize to my husband. She said "well you talked to her" and I interupted and said no I didn't talk to her she rambled on yelling at me and then hung up on me!! I have never been so disrespected...never. I really can't believe their actions. I placed a complaint with the BBB and I looked up the address to see if any other complaints have been placed about them and a different compay name came up, but they had the same address and do the same thing that the Sunshine Subscription Agency does.


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9ed701cc, 2009-09-02, 11:14AM CDT

It sounds like you have too much time on your hands, why couldn't you just be satisfied that they were going to give you your money back or change your subscription for you. Get a life.

23b6c167, 2010-08-03, 11:26AM CDT

I just experienced this exact scenario. I called to cancel the subscription and was told too bad because it was more than three days and too bad we couldn't get ahold of anyone. The horrendous representative first hung up on me and when I called back, she answered the phone and knew that it was me. She admitted to hanging up on me because she had nothing further to say to me. I asked for her boss' name and, sure enough, she said it was Vincent Pitts and when I said I was going to call him she said to go right ahead. I commented that she must be the same woman I had read a complaint about online and she said probably. I told her I didn't think she needed her job and she asked sarcastically if I was going to fire her. I said someone should and she told me to go ahead and call her boss, call the President of the United Stated because she didn't care. And then she laughed. I said I was going to call and report her and her company to the BBB and she literally laughed and hung up on me again. I understand fully the feeling of boiling because I am past that point. This "company" needs to be shut down.

0f1d58eb, 2010-11-30, 07:06PM CST

yeah my wife and I just had the two people knock on the door but they weren't college students. they were on a "race" to collect points to win a trip somewhere so we bought 2 subscriptions and luckily looked this up on the computer to read up on the company and saw the scam and we chased them both all over our subdivision to get our checks back. when we approached them, the guy got irritated but agreed to give us back our checks. we met them back at our house and the guy had an attitude and he left saying and I quote "thanks for wasting our time" after saying some disrespectful words. now if this wasn't a scam, he would've been polite no matter what.

9262791d, 2011-01-01, 08:29PM CST

Sept 2010, I got taken too. Two attractive college age girls knocked at my door to introduce themselves as neighbors from a town homes nearby. Saying they needed to earn points for a trip to Mexico. I was surprised on the price, 42 and 52 dollars, for Mens Fitness and Rolling Stones, but did it because I was new to area, and thought I might run into them again. After they left I thought did I just get ripped off. No magazines, it has been months. I felt like such an idiot.

2ea45761, 2011-05-16, 11:06AM CDT


eab56254, 2011-06-09, 05:50PM CDT

i worked for the guy he bought us bus tickets for nasville tn, we had no idea of any of this until now. i only stayed a week because there were about 100 ppl selling magazines and they lived out of hotels which i could not do but all of the smoked dope all night long, i basically feared for my life cuz i knew noone. but needless to say i got home safe. but the guy that owned the company, he is a millionair, has his own helicopter and everything

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