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Posted on Monday, November 3rd, 2008 at 4:29pm CST by 172069cc

Product: King Bed

Company: American Furniture Warehouse

Location: 8820 American Way
Englewood, CO, 80112, US


Category: Other

I've purchased over 5k from American Furniture (AF) in the past few months and have had a relatively good experience, but what happens when things don't go right how does AF treat their customers. Let me tell you, not well, probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced,. I purchased a king size bed frame back on 09/01/08 and was told it would arrive mid October. On 10/21 I call the sales guy Mel and he informs me it's still on backorder and that it should be coming in the next week or two and he will make sure and call me right away. Stating he doesn't get paid until I come and pick it up so he has a real incentive to call me right away. On Friday 10/31 I still haven't heard anything so I go ahead and call the store back, Mel wasn't in yet but the sales person who answered the phone was nice enough to look up the order for me. He informed me it had come in and it was available for pickup (hmm, why didn't Mel call me). I meet my husband at the Englewood store and we waited about 30 minutes before the pager goes off. My husband goes up to the dock door and when he looks at the bed he's a little puzzled, it's not in a box or wrapped it's just covered with blankets taped to it. He asked if the blankets came for free and they said yes, what he was really trying to ask is why is it wrapped in blankets. He finally finds out after asking many questions about the obviously damaged bed that this was the floor model. We didn't pay for a floor model and if I didn't mention it before we paid the full amount of the bed upfront on 09/01. My husband gets a little frustrated with the guys at the dock door and then quickly pulls it together, realizing it's not there fault he goes inside to talk with the people at the desk. They inform him that bed had been backordered since April and that month after month the ETA just gets pushed out another 30 days. Obviously at this point we asked for our money back. I decided to call customer service on Monday to see if they had any of those beds in stock at any of their stores in Colorado, I believe there are 11 locations. When I called customer service a gentleman by the name of Gary R. receives my call. I explain to Gary that I'm frustrated with the service I've received on an order I placed for a backordered product, for which his response is Ok, I'm assuming he wants to hear more so I tell him that I've waited two months for a bed to come in being told the backorder would be fulfilled only to find out that this particular bed has had a fulfillment problem since April, for which Gary responds "that happens". Still he hasn't asked me for my name or order number, when I respond with "what do you mean that happens, it's okay to hold a customers money for two months letting them believe they are going to receive merchandise when it's got obvious stocking issues" the wonderful customer service rep Gary replies with "yep, it happens". I then started talking about the how they tried to fulfill my order with product from the floor and I don't understand, then he interrupts and says "Do you want me to respond or are you going to just keep talking". Okay, now I'm really mad, I ask to speak with his boss for which his response is I am the boss and I report directly to Jake Jabs. I told him I was going to file a better business bureau complaint and he said go ahead you got you money back and the complaint will mean nothing. I can't believe this is how the customer service dept. at AF is trained. I decided to call the salesperson Mel to see if he could help me, after all I still need a bed. Mel basically says it's not my problem the order has been canceled and your money has been refunded, what do you want from me? I just wanted someone to acknowledge that this was really horrible service. Mel said he couldn't confirm this product had stocking issues, I then asked him why they would try to fill an order with the floor product for which his reply "I don't know that's what happen" so you are calling me a liar "no, I'm just saying I don't know that's what happen because I wasn't there" ok, then you do have the product in stock "no" then why did I come to pick up my order "I don't know I wasn't there. At this point I'm even more irritated they just don't care and now he's insinuating I'm making all of this up, this is how they treat there paying customers. I asked Mel to pay me back a reasonable amount of interest to the money of mine they had been holding for 60 days. He told me to call customer service, I informed him I already tried that route and as his customer I wanted him to go through that pain on my behalf. In an angry tone he said fine and hung up on me. He called me back a half an hour later and said he told customer service about my alleged problem and they will be calling me back (for which they have not). Basically he acted as an answering service. I always believed AF was a reasonably priced furniture store with reasonably good quality furniture but I can tell you the customer service is extremely poor. Current BBB Rating is B- with 21 complaints in the last 36 months. That is only for the Englewood store each location is graded independently on the BBB but remember customer service is handled out of only one of the locations. From what I understand or have been told by a AF employee there is a total of 30 customer service employees, they are all located at the Thornton store and are all Managers. This gives them the authority to treat you however they please.


Carol W., 2014-10-11, 12:17AM CDT

My husband and I shopped AFW this evening, 10/10/14, for furniture for our new home. We were in separate cars because I had just picked up my car at the body shop and we stopped on our way home. As we were leaving, we were parked at opposite ends of parking lot, so my husband gave me a ride to my car. We were pulling out of the parking lot at 9:10 pm, I was being waved down by an unmarked black & white police car, presumed AFW security? I rolled down my window and he rudely said, "you can't carpool out of here." Perplexed, I asked him to repeat as I had no idea what that meant. He repeated & I said "what?" again. He explained what he meant. I informed him we had just been shopping for over 2 hrs at AFW. He said, "that is not what it looked like to me." First, I was clueless of the crime he was accusing me of & I certainly did nothing wrong. He said, "OK" and drove off. No apologies or "excuse me". Now if he is going to do parking lot surveillance he needs to watch more closely, get the full picture, not jump to conclusions and accuse innocent people of someone else's grievances. I have shopped alot at AFW & always had a good experience, but after encountering this very rude man, I refuse to return. There is nothing more offensive than to be accused of things you do not do. He certainly owes us an apology and should not be allowed to mar your customer service reputation. I feel quite certain your customers do not desire to be accosted in the parking lot. He will only hurt your business. Thank you kindly..Carol Wood-Deans

Cassie A., 2015-04-28, 09:56AM CDT

We have always purchased our furniture at American Furniture Warehouse, Denver, CO We will not ever again! We were treated so incredibly rude by Tonya in distribution and scheduling. We were stunned! We will never be back and we will encourage everyone that we know not to bother with AFW !

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