DHL Express - International shipments to USA suffer from domestic closure/cutbacks

Posted on Saturday, November 29th, 2008 at 12:41am CST by 95a3e310

Product: DHL International shipment TO USA

Company: DHL Express

Location: DHL Express Executive Office Contact 10097 Cleary Blvd. #403
Plantation, FL, 33324, US


Category: Other

With the understanding that DHL is now exiting the domestic shipping business here in the USA, I stupidly had my Chinese supplier ship me an urgent package via DHL, believeing that only *outbound* services were being cut. How wrong I was. My package managed to make it from HK/Shenzhen to a hub in Chicago, IL, 4 miles from my home in 3 days... It was allegedly on a truck out for delivery at 9:15am on Friday morning. I just got off the pone with them (naer midnight on friday/saturday) and am told that their driver couldn't finish his route, and that they'd try to make it on Monday. They claim to have NO facility or office of any kind open anywhere in an area of 9 Million people on Saturday as of 11/29, and can't confirm whether this is a new development, or whether this has always been the case. So, CAUTION international shippers sending packages to the USA-- no matter how on-the-ball DHL is in your country, your American customers will receive rotten service at their end.. If you want to keep your clients happy, you should avoid DHL for USA-bound shipments.


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