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Posted on Friday, November 28th, 2008 at 3:00pm CST by 2dcec87b

Product: catheters

Company: 180 medical

Location: 5324 w.reno ave suite A
oklahoma city, ok, 73127, US

URL: http://www.180medical.com/

Category: Other

The following statements are a true and accurate account of my experience with 180 Medical, 5324 West Reno Avenue , Suite A, Oklahoma City , Oklahoma . I have nothing to gain from releasing this information; my motivation is to help warn others of 180 Medical lack of ethics.

On Nov.7, 2008 I was contacted by Mr. Dustin Vasquez, (405) 702-7700, from 180 Medical in regard to my son Grady Stowes need for catheters (every 3 hours, continuously).

Mr. Vasquez was trying to get me to agree to use a brand of catheter different than the very specific brand the prescribing doctor mentioned by name. I refused to alter what was ordered by the doctor and reminded Mr. Vasquez those decisions are made by the urologist not the parent.

I further discussed my worry that I might drop a catheter or in some other way compromise the sterile field needed to catheterize my son and asked Mr. Vasquez to ask the doctor to consider ordering one extra catheter for each day (making a total of nine per day) and said he could discuss any product changes regarding the prescription with the doctor.

I received the bait and switch product from 180 Medical, 8 November 2008. The product was not appropriate for my son to use and not what was prescribed. I asked my sons private nurse to evaluate the product, and the nurse was concerned and reported his concerned to the prescribing doctor.

I contacted 180 Medical regarding the receipt of the wrong product and the need for the correct, prescribed product. I was again referred to Mr. Vasquez, who admitted not discussing the product change with the prescribing doctor. He stated he was just so sure I would like the more expensive product better, and since the VA pays 100% of Gradys costs he felt I should be satisfied. I explained that I was not satisfied and that Grady needs exactly what was prescribed for him to use.

I did receive a shipment of the correct LOFRIC brand catheters and returned the bait and switch catheters to 180 Medical, but my problems did not end there.

180 medical only sent half of the number of LOFRIC catheters that Grady requires (but billed for twice what was sent).

I then received a letter stating that I needed to sign a contract accepting responsibility for any medical supplies not paid for by my sons insurance. Refusal to sign the binding contract would result in 180 Medical withholding of Gradys shipment of needed catheters. I was to sign the contact within a 72 hour time period. (I am including copies of my correspondence with 180 Medical with this complaint).

I sent a fax to 180 Medical regarding my issue with having to agree to pay for the bait and switch catheters and my offense at the practice of having a timeline set in hours or my sons necessary supplies (that they had already billed for) were not going to be sent.

I received a phone call from Ron Howell, (405) 443-2905, [email protected], at 180 medical stating I have his personal promise that I would not be responsible for supplies not covered by my son insurance. I told Mr. Howell that his personal promise would not free me from a binding contract. I asked Mr. Howell why I would have to sign such a contract if his word was true, 180 Medical could simply ship my sons need catheters.

Mr. Howell sent me an email with his personal promise, but insisted I sign the contract, making me liable for the shipment of bait and switch catheters the insurance wont pay for because they were not prescribed to Grady by a doctor.

So Grady has done without the prescribed LOFRIC catheters (I insisted the hospital provided catheters to Grady upon his release, but they are not the prescribed brand and my supply is limited. If I did not have a back up supply of catheters Grady would be back in the hospital due to 180 Medical unethical business practices).

I am trying to get Gradys needed supplies from another company. I wish to warn the disabled community and their care givers of the predatory business practices which I encountered with 180 Medical.

Thank you,

Keren Davidson M. Div.


Guillermo Latiff MD (Referring Doctor)

Veterans Administration, Spina Bifida Health Care Services

Providence Hospital Social Services Department

Accreditation Commission for Health Care

Texas Medicaid, Office of Inspector General

Texas Attorney General

Texas Better Business Bureau

Oklahoma Better Business Bureau


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