KingSooper - King Sooper 620 - 30 Grank Service manager multiple assualts

Posted on Friday, November 28th, 2008 at 12:50am CST by e64c3b09

Product: 620 30

Company: KingSooper

Location: mississippi and havanna, aurora, colorado
Aurora, Co, US


Category: Other

Kingsooper in Aurora, Frank the service manager has assuted three people in the past several weeks (Nov 27, 2008), Assualting Two Adults and a small child. Frank the service manager is also involved in sexual assualt of a child. This is store number # 620 - 30 located at mississippi and Havanna in Aurora Colorado. Dirk the store head has recieved numorus complaints and the police have recieved numorous calls for assualt and sexual assualt. Dirk refuses to cooperate with authorities and Frank is still a full time employee @ King Sooper #620-30 Aurora Colorado, King Sooper 620 - 30 is also being sued civil action for disability discrimination and sex discrimination.


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