Mattress Firm - Beware of Mattress Firm

Posted on Friday, November 28th, 2008 at 4:21pm CST by 1311355c

Product: Tempurpedic Rhapsody

Company: Mattress Firm

Location: 3954 US HWY 98 N
Lakeland, Fl, 33809, US

Category: Other

I have been shopping around for a new mattress and doing my research online because you can't trust sales people too much. I was trying to decide between the Tempurpedic Rhapsody and a Serta Vera Wang Latex bed. I went into the Lakeland Mattress Firm and was speaking to Casey and the Manager on duty. I told them that I had been shopping around and doing my research because I wanted to make the right decision. They do not carry Serta, so they told me the Tempurpedic was better. I would expect that from them, but I did not expect them to out and out lie to me about a competitors product. They told me and several other people in the store that the Serta beds were the most flammable of any other bed on the market. Like I said, I had done my research on all the independent consumer websites, and they all said the opposite. They said that Serta was the leader of the pack with fireblocker protector and that in 2007 Serta was the only company that did not have to UP the fireblocker standards because they were already compliant. With the economy the way it is, don't think for a second that consumers are not doing their research before investing in such an expensive product. I ended up going with the Rhapsody, but I bought it from another company because I was so turned off by the shady sales tactics and not to mention the 20% restocking fee that I would be charged if I did not like it and wanted to exchange it.

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c61d4794, 2011-02-09, 02:29PM CST

your friggin retarted..tempurpedic is a better bed,,scientifically proven!! whats vera wang got?

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