VISTA RIDGE CAR WASH - Worst Car Wash In Kelowna/Westbank!!

Posted on Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 at 4:49pm CST by 33b66c33

Product: Car Wash


Location: 2211 Louie Drive

Category: Other

This company uses ice cold water for their car wash and NO SOAP!!!

Tried 3 different stalls and not one had sufficient soap...Because there is no one actually working in the car wash, I phoned when I got home and before I could even finish a sentence the woman hung up on me...I left her a somewhat nasty message when she wouldn't answer the phone after and she actually called me back and began just screaming and swearing. Could not believe this person has a job in customer service...she should not be allowed anywhere near the public!


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34b7608a, 2009-01-14, 04:57PM CST

This person has changed their story repeatedly. I answered her call and she first said she used two bays, had no soap, then said she she had just enough soap that she had to rinse it. She spent 4-5 bucks, no 5-6 bucks. As she escalated in her verbal outburst on the phone and repeated herself I said I would hang up and she kept getting louder and so I said "This conversation is over" and hung up. I have a recording of her voicemail after I hung up and the profanity and bigotted statements are a clear sign of her mental state. I reviewed all the surveillance footage from that day and noone moved from bay to bay as she likes to claim. Not one female customer spent more than $3-4 in the bay and camera footage clearly shows soap on all cars. I am on site from 9am.-4pm. Mon-Fri. Clearly she lied about this as well. If anyone would like to listen to the voicemail message or view the surveillance footage come on by. Don't just take her word for it check it out for yourself. Soap and warm water available.

dd1e3ae6, 2009-02-08, 04:56PM CST

On Feb 6, 2009 at about 6:45. I went to the touchless wash to get my car washed, I was in quite a hurry. I inserted a 20 dollar bill. It didn't give me my wash nor my money back. I was very flustered and inserted another 20 dollar bill (yes, I know). After pressing a wash then a cancel then another button, still nothing happened. I called the number off the machine to speak to someone. No one was there and I left a message (a pleasant one) and it's Sunday and I still have not recieved a call back. I realized later that I needed accurate money to get the wash. However these things do happen and I would expect to get a call returned to either return my money or 4 free washes for the 40 dollars now in the machine. (10.00 a wash) I am still hoping for a call back. However if this doesn't happen I hope the owners realize that at the moment with people watching every penny that word of mouth will spread and people will take their hard earned money to other businesses.

Call 250-859-1643 to make it right.

63d5d3bb, 2009-09-14, 03:29PM CDT

I also had a very bad experience with this woman (The Manager). She started screaming and cursing at me because she accused me of throwing the foam brush on the ground. I could not believe what was happening. I told her I did not throw the brush down I just placed it there while my husband was washing our RV. She continued to curse and yell and told us to get the hell out of there. She said the brush was worth $80.00. The brush we used was a piece of crap, the area where we wash our RV was full of debris and broken glass, what right does she have to yell at customers. I asked her what her name was and she would not answer me, I asked her who owned the car wash and turned away and said get the fuck off the property. I will be looking into this further, this rude ignorant woman should not be working with the public. She has no right to start screaming and cursing at people. We left there without finishing washing our RV because we just wanted to get away from her, she definitely has some problems and to be honest I was scared of her. Also, you are so right, the water is ice cold and it would not clean our RV, it's a horrible place to go.

f8a8c607, 2009-12-30, 06:20PM CST

I use this car wash frequently as well and found that the soap is lacking many times. I also have been forced to use the cold water. I was recently there rinsing out my truck box, which was fairly dirty and in the middle of washing this woman walks in without announcing who she was and started swearing profusely at me. I asked what was wrong and she just kept swearing at me and told me she was going to report me because they were on a septic system. I tried telling her to relax, that I was going to sweep up the debris and had no intention of washing the debris down the drain. She just swore and left. I finished washing my vehicle, cleaned the bay so that it was cleaner than before and went to the kiosk where the woman was inside and knocked. She refused to answer. I waited for almost 1/2 hour to talk to her and finally left. I drove by a few minutes later and she was outside so I explained what I did and suggested her behaviour was inappropriate and told her I wouldn't be back (not really meaning it, I go there alot). She said SO WHAT, and walked away. Ironically, I did go back that afternoon with my wifes car and the same woman was there. I pulled into a vacant stall, got some change and just as I was putting in some money the machine turned off and the overhead doors opened. I realized then that there is a camera in the bay and the woman was watching and recognized me and deiberatley shut off the machine. I also noticed the next bay was vacant, the nachine was on and so I gave the camera the finger salute, got in my car and drove around to the vacant bay. As I approached, the green vacant light went off and the door would not open. She shut it down. This woman is the most ridiculous person I have ever dealt with. This is probably the worst car wash in Westbank. The bigger problem is this woman. I hope she is the owner otherwise the owner should fire her as fast as possible. I won't go back and this time I mean it. I will spend the $500-$1000 I spend on vehicle washes some where else.

8c0b9ea0, 2010-01-22, 09:29PM CST


5fd9426c, 2010-05-25, 01:48PM CDT

I washed my truck and trailer in a stall this morning and had a run in with this woman. She called me a "dick"...I was stunned. Customer service is not in her vocabulary and I will never again spend a dime in that establishment and I will tell many people about my encounter with this very unfriendly and unprofessional woman.

I feel like opening up my own spray and wash just to put her out of business.

FYI: my truck and trailer were still dirty when I left.

667e0ec0, 2010-06-25, 01:05PM CDT

I decided to go through this car wash on a saturday and deposited $20.00 into the touchless machine...however the machine accepted my money and nothing happened. When I realized there was a sign that stated the machine only accepts 5 and 10 dollar bills. I couldn't find anyone there so I waited until the following Monday and I knocked on the office door. A woman answered and I explained the situation and she gave me my 20.00 back no questions asked! I liked this woman and her car wash and will be washing my vehicle there often - LB

a3b5152e, 2011-01-13, 05:15PM CST

If you notice (as you call "this woman" a's not a woman... Re-read. It's clearly a man as he mentions coming back with his "wife's" car. Which would be why your footage doesn't back you up. You've got to ask yourself, why so many people are leaving negative feedback. Could everyone be wrong? Ive been witness to the verbal assumes you have made. You don't approach people in a calm or respectful manner. Your footage (as many cameras as you might have) cannot get all angles. If someone has their back to your camera you are liable to interpret anything. I am surprised the gentleman re-visited your establishment after being treated that way. You should have been grateful. I myself and countless others will not return. I haven't come across any good reviews. I ask you again... Would someone really take the time to post a complaint if they were completelybin the wrong? I understand there are 3 sides to every story, but what about sucking it up a little and swallowing your pride and admitting some fault. Clearly customer service is not where you belong.

One very dissatisfied patron

ba46f415, 2012-01-02, 06:03PM CST

I would like to have the number if you still have it. I also have a complaint. Thank you.

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