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Posted on Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 at 7:32am CST by 02509ea0

Product: Photography

Company: Majestic Images - Eli Allen, Eli Berkowitz

Location: Philadelphia, PA, US

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This is our experience in using Eli Berkowitz aka Eli Allen conducting business as Majestic Images. Mr. Berkowitz was hired as the photographer for our wedding. Our contract was specifically worded such that Mr. Berkowitz would personally photograph our wedding. Mr. Berkowitz did not end up photographing our event which led to a long series of challenging and stressful events between him and ourselves.

*On the day of our wedding, Mr. Berkowitz sent a replacement photographer and informed us that he hurt his back and could not personally shoot our wedding. He said that he would try to attend to organize the photographs and oversee the event; however, he did not show up at any point during the day, even after numerous phone calls were placed that went unanswered.

*The replacement photographer appeared unqualified since he did not capture our wedding in a photojournalist style, which was the main reason we hired Mr. Berkowitz and contracted him to personally shoot the wedding.

*The replacement photographer did not capture two of the most important parts of our wedding (the first kiss as husband and wife and the breaking of the ceremonial glass by the groom).

*Then the process of getting our album completed was even more challenging.

*In the 7 month process of designing our wedding album, Mr. Berkowitz had to do 5 drafts before meeting our expectations of what we thought our album should look like. We sent many detailed documents to him with specific changes we wanted to pages in the album after seeing the first draft. The changes were not made in following drafts due to Mr. Berkowitz's lack of attention to our comments. Often times Mr. Berkowitz tried to blame us for changing our minds about the images/album, when in fact it was due to his lack of attention to our comments and details that caused the issues.

*Examples of his lack of attention to details include: Spelling the bride's name wrong on the sign-in book cover, Not following original order of pictures for inclusion in the album, Not following detailed requests for changes to album pages

*It took 12 months and 2 weeks (from our event) to receive our final products (album, portraits, and photos on DVD)

*During this time, Mr. Berkowitz met NONE of the deadlines HE set for himself. Mr. Berkowitz had different excuses for every deadline he did not meet. He would miss the deadlines by weeks even though he was the one to set all of his deadlines.

Needless to say, we have been dissatisfied, upset, disappointed, and frustrated in dealing with Majestic Images and the owner Eli Berkowitz. At times, he has been caustic, short-tempered and difficult to deal with. The biggest issue is that he did not keep his word (or the written contract for that matter). I hope that by reading our horrible experience will save others from making a terrible mistake.

If we had searched online for reviews on Mr. Berkowitz before we hired him, we would have found the experience of another bride and saved ourselves and our family a lot of time, aggravation, and tears. The original can be found on the website: and search for Majestic Images or Eli Allen.

When we read this (after the fact) we couldn't believe that this was almost exactly the same situation we just endured. (The excuses that Mr. Berkowitz uses seem to be different, but the results are still the same).

Signed, Bride and Groom, Ilyssa and Brian


b239808d, 2009-12-06, 04:44PM CST

I also used Majestic Images as my wedding photographer. After paying him several thousand dollars, all we ever got was a large wall print (which we had to pay over $100 for) and a CD (in which the music stopped playing long before the pictures stopped scrolling). The prints we bought from him for family gifts were of very poor quality, extremely grainy, and poor coloring. They were cropped off center so that when they were framed, you would lose some of the people in the picture. Some pictures were actually crooked and unable to be framed properly. He continually missed our appointments to put together our album, which we drove an hour each way for. And when it came to the finished album, he was unable to produce one. He used the excuse that his printing studios were not filling their end of the deal. After several years of trying to chase him down, he claimed he didn't have the album, and that it had been discarded because we never picked it up.

4c497dee, 2010-02-04, 07:27PM CST

Ilyssa and Brian, you are not alone. Eli Allen is a habitual liar. He printed my daughter's wedding album with wrong date and wrong cover picture. To date, we are waiting for the corrected album. It's almost a year since we finalized the order.

Teresa and Bill

Parents of the Bride

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