Hoover - Hoover SteamVac 7200 & 7400 Water Tanks Fail

Posted on Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 at 8:44am CST by 72bc086f

Product: Hoover SteamVac 7200 & 7400

Company: Hoover

Location: North Canton, Oh, US

URL: http://Hoover.com/

Category: Other

Hoover has been through 4 to 6 part numbers for the fresh water tank for these carpet cleaners (SteamVac). All had latent defects. The plastic was too thin, brittle, poor design, and poor molding. The early tanks broke or cracked. They even put out a service bulletin on it.

BUT, they will not replace any tank if the 1 year warranty period is over. Even though the tanks had latent defects.

My Mother always swore by her hoover sweeper--now, if she was alive, I think she would swear at them.

I am a retired Registered Professional Engineer. And, when I say these tanks had latent defects, you can take my word for it.

Also, it is almost impossible to talk to a Customer Service person at Hoover. Their so-called customer service number just connects with a dealer in ones area.

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7684dba6, 2009-12-08, 11:37AM CST

We had the same problem - and the basic problem is that Hoover is no longer Hoover. It was apparently bought by the same conglomerate that makes Dirt Devil, another piece of junk. I bought one water tank ($60) that failed in three uses. The plastic cracks around the valve-this thing is made out of water bottle type plastic. BAD DESIGN.

Rather than spend another $60 for a poor product from a horrible company, I ate the $300, and bought a Bissell Pro Heat. Use the thing regularly, have had no trouble for three years, and it is EASY to fill and empty. HOOVER used to be the standard - and it still is, for junk.

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