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Posted on Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 at 1:52am CST by f290f5c2

Product: SoftHeat heating pad, KAZ company

Company: KAZ

Location: 250 Turnpike Road
Southborough, MA, 01772, US

URL: http://www.kaz.com/

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I purchased a heating pad...controls didn't work, some sort of 'short' in it. Took it back...second one, same thing...third one, SAME THING, fourth one, last one went in the trash!! All of them within a 5 month period. Contacted them by e-mail. They didn't want to do anything about it (of course) by saying I probably "misused" the product...How can a person do that when it doesn't work from day one? Then, they wanted me to send a twenty dollar item to them AT MY EXPENSE for a DEFECTIVE ITEM!! No way...Now I see the wrappers in the stores have the same box, same pictures, but there is a tiny little starburst that says, "NEW"...well, Obviously they knew of the problem and did nothing about it like a recall or anything along those lines. Their product is crap...don't waste your money! My experience, my opinion.


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474b7b11, 2010-02-07, 01:54PM CST

Mine lasted over two years. Last week, even on low it seemed too hot so I turned it off. Upon closer examination the next day, it had burned through the plastic and made brown burn marks on the cloth cover. I can't say I didn't get enough use out of it, but the safety issue is my concern. I see the same one on the shelf at local stores but am hesitant to purchase a new one.

f290f5c2, 2010-05-10, 03:07PM CDT

Company Contact info: KAZ Company, [email protected] ,1-800-4770457;

They are ALL defective in one way or another. They KNOW about the problems, they KNOW the products are defective and STILL they do nothing about it. Yes, it is definately a SAFETY ISSUE! I am the one who posted this first 'original complaint'. I contacted through e-mail and after telling them I wanted my money back and that I was NOT mailing the darn thing back at my expense (would have been almost the cost of the item!!) I went and bought a SUNBEAM and am extremely pleased with it! KAZ is made in CHINA! Read your labels. I am no longe buying anything made in CHINA. They (KAZ) sent me a new one in the mail to my home. I still have it in the box....am afraid to use it! I am so happy with the SUNBEAM one that I probably won't need to use the CHINA made one. Again, KAZ ; [email protected] , 1-800-477-0457. Don't let them try to tell you that "you are using it inappropreately! That's bull...

f290f5c2, 2010-08-11, 05:00PM CDT

To Jo Anne L.: What I have stated here is all there is...my issues were the controls that didn't work on any of the ones that I purchased. They would NOT give me a refund after five defective ones. They have VERY poor customer service. In fact, it's actually non-existent! I bought a Sunbeam and am happy with it...it has worked very well. For me, the "you get what you pay for" was true. A few dollars more was well worth it in this instance.

382091fd, 2010-11-16, 08:43PM CST

I bought one, it was only 2 weeks old and it got so hot it gave my husband horrible burns.

a9a89e34, 2011-01-08, 02:38PM CST

I bought a Kaz heating pad "Softheat" with automatic shut-off for my son who was paralyzed in an accident. It did not shut off, and burned a large hole on the inside of his leg. He had surgery this past Thursday to repair the burn that would not heal.

Since he has no feeling in his legs I felt it was safe to buy one with the automatic shut off feature.

Brad S., 2012-12-02, 07:58PM CST

I have had 4 in the past 6 months, the last one didn't even last a month before it stopped working. Upon closer inspection of the cord as it goes into the pad itself, I noticed the outer 2 wires were burnt through. I have since bought a sunbeam heating pad. May try and contact the company for some sort of refund or something soon.

f4021cf6, 2014-03-20, 09:15AM CDT

They are still selling this piece of crap! My mom had one for several years and loved it. When it quit working I looked for a replacement and ordered one for her from the web address on the box. She got the package and noticed several differences i.e. shorter cord, single stitched instead of double and when she plugged it in it was hot on the lowest setting. When she contacted the company, they told her that she can't lean back on it and return shipping is on her. Ridiculous! Now I find out that there was class action suit against them for the same darn thing.

scott m., 2014-07-05, 10:57PM CDT

ive bought 4 of these in the past 6 months i got 2 like brand new sitting here and all it does is flash its red light iam going to call them mon and tell them if they dont give me 2 new ones which really i dont want iam call the news channel on this product iam so sure they will love it,this one iam trying yo use is to weeks old and payed 32 bucks for at the drug store,its sad cause iam totally disabled for back issues and they cant give you a good heating pad bull CRAP there banking the money cause most wont raise HELL LIKE IAM ABOUT TO....KEEP YOU ALL POSTED 7/5/2014 SCOTT

92f8cafd, 2014-07-17, 11:37PM CDT

I bought a softheat 4 speed 60 min shut off to use on my back. At some point I must have rolled over onto it and woke up with a 3rd Degree FULL THICKNESS BURN on the base of my breast!

I have been going thru wound care dressing changes since June 23rd and the burn goes so deep down past the dermis it's not healing. My next dicots appt we decide if we do surgery on my BREAST! You can imagine how I feel. And yes, I now have a big time lawyer involved!

scott m., 2014-07-18, 12:01AM CDT

let them have it and dont back down

scott m., 2014-07-18, 12:01AM CDT

let them have it and dont back down

Jacob L., 2014-09-24, 08:48AM CDT

Just burnt a hole my mattress topper. Intermittent heat and suddenly melts through the plastic. Luckily I realized I want dreaming after falling asleep with the smoke and getting burned.

dc06ea0f, 2014-10-13, 01:46PM CDT

I've had mine a couple of years and it worked okay. The highest setting sometimes seemed too hot so I just never used it on high. Now, when I plug it in, after a couple of minutes it starts to heat up but then shuts off and the green light just keeps blinking. I've tried unplugging it and holding the button in while I plug it back in, which was suggested on another website. Nothing I do stops it from blinking. I just threw it in the trash. I have the HP710 SoftHeat heating pad.

0ef54f8c, 2014-10-19, 07:14PM CDT

My maxheat heating pad melted after 1 use. I'm lucky to still have a house. This product is UNSAFE.PLEASE DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. Apparently safety is not a concern to this company.

scott m., 2014-10-19, 07:30PM CDT

they did this to me send it to use and me the consumer pays the shipping and such i have a bad back and like whoever said they bought 3 back to back and it didn't work i did the same thing you turn it on get will get warm for maybe 5 mins and the lights start flashing unplug it for a few and plug it back in and does the same crap....this company needs to be sued period there service sucks and there hateful and making tons of money of us people...i am calling the bbb here in michigan and file a complaint....

robert K., 2014-11-15, 08:10AM CST

I have taken my product back 5 times in the last year. I want e-mailed by someone who cares about their business.

I am NOT a happy customer.

JS W., 2014-12-02, 04:44PM CST

Sounds like a delightful product , ours has a problem with the cords twisting so bad you can't use it . I'm worried about using it at all after viewing the other complaints here . I can't even believe how many complaints this company KAZ has & horrible customer service.

f954cfe7, 2014-12-29, 11:12AM CST

I have a DUNLAP heating pad made by KAZ UL Listed 562B.

Simply stated,it does not heat properly as expected.

I normally do not complain about store bought products.

In this case, however, there is a faulty product out there

and a special needs child is involved in this particular case.

All I want is a workable heating pad, or a replacement.

And I do not expect to have to pay return postage for mailing

due to an extremely limited budget family.

Robbin W., 2014-12-31, 08:21PM CST

I just purchased a Kaz heating pad because after 3 years mine went out. I took it out of the package, plugged it in, and turned it on so I knew whether it worked or not before I threw out the box. Glad I didn't throw the box out! I turn it on low, and after a couple of seconds it goes to a blinking red light and to get it to stop I have to unplug. It doesn't even heat up! Glad I didn't pay much for it, but it is going back. Kind of makes me mad after reading all these reviews, plus a couple on other sites. They keep selling this product after getting several complaints. I'm not going to go through the company, I will just take it back from where I purchased it.

DJ S., 2015-02-08, 09:33PM CST

Everything everyone said in all the previous post happened to me , except the burns! This pad is a POS! I'll just return it for a refund and buy a Sunbeam pad!

c7b48f61, 2015-03-26, 10:49PM CDT

Same problems as above, may work alittle while, but then red light starts blinking, sometimes works for a few months, other times a week. I have alot of pain, and rely on heat for comfort. I like this pad (HP980) because it is all cloth which is more comfortable than ones with removable covers. But here I am, 12 midnight, and my red light is blinking. I have 3 here in a pile, all doing the thing, I have kept 2 of the boxes because of this issue. Hey Kaz....looking for replacements that work or refund.

JS W., 2015-03-27, 11:07AM CDT

How do you get on the recall list?

Judy M., 2015-04-02, 05:28AM CDT

I'm having the same problem with blinking red light and not working.is there a recall on this southeast pad?

167d5f9e, 2015-11-24, 06:02PM CST

my problem is with static charge or so they say... You have to unplug and let it sit for 5 minutes then if that does not work an half hour. I took one back to the store switched it out for a new now this one is doing the same thing, I waited over night still the same thing. I googled how to get rid of static found the metal will discharge the static it seemed to work but now it's not working again.. My 91 year old father needs a heating pad... I blame walmart for selling this product with all know problems and no recall!!!! They suck

167d5f9e, 2015-11-24, 06:12PM CST

I had the same problem with the blinking lights static charge build up, I was told to unplug the unit wait 5 minutes, did not work then I was told an half hour and if that didn't work to take it back, I returned it for another one worked for a little while with some issue where there 5 minutes worked... now I let it stand over night it's still blinking.. I found online that rubbing metal over clothe with discharge the static charge this seemed to work for a little while, now it's not working again!!!! walmart stock junk I have had so many bad products..of course it's to later to return and my 91 year old father needs a heating pad... I will never buy one of product from Kaz again!!!!!!!

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