Citysearch - Rip-off Artists Poor Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 9:26am CST by 52e40439

Product: Internet Services

Company: Citysearch

Location: west hollywood, ca, US


Category: Other

Below is an account of the treatment we received from We hope you find this information useful before you make a decision with this company.

Citysearch is also an affiliate of Merchant Circle and hosts 35 other web sites. They are based in California and listed in the NYSE as IAC/InterActiveCorp

February 28, 2007

City Elisha/ Customer Care

Re: Account No.

On December 27, 2006 I spoke with Liza Smith who explained that the most effective way to use the program was to increase the monthly cap from $100.00@ $1.05 cost-per click to a monthly cap of $150.00@ .39 per click that would include a flat fee of $9.95 per month with the understanding that this would be for our local service area only and not nationally. It appears by the information that I have is that we have been with your company for approximately 30 days and we have been debited $122.56 from our account for over 300 clicks.

Once this was discovered we immediately contacted your Atlanta office only to be treated in a very distasteful manner and only to hear two different stories about how the account was set-up. This morning I originally spoke with Tim King and when he appeared to become obstinate the call was transferred to Deborah Kurin who in turn began to speak so loud into the phone I had to move it away from my hear.

When I informed her of this she began to dictate in no uncertain terms that, ??This is what you signed up for and agreed to.??

THIS IS NOT WHAT WE SIGNED-UP FOR; Not to be treated with contempt or disrespect by anyone with and not to be falsely mislead or misrepresented with the terms of service and deceptive billing practices.

It would have not been quite so bad if we had received one hit from but we receive absolutely zero. This is not our first day in business and we are very much in sync with the effective use of the internet as it relates to our business and our local service area.

After several attempts to contact Citysearch and resolve this problem this is what followed. It is very difficult to contact a live person and without an account it is impossible. This is an account of the conversation that took place on November 20,2008 and e-mailed to their rating department.

Today I contacted your customer service department for the third time. I s/w a woman who would only identify herself as Katherine. It was very difficult for me to explain the situation to her as she sarcastically kept referring to me as "Darling"

Apparently since we do not have a paid account with Citysearch it appears we are treated differently. I can assure you that from the treatment we have already received from your organization it would be a very easy decision not to do business with Citysearch.

Today the internet is a tool that many businesses derive most of their income. In today's economy were money is tight a good reputation is essential for buyers to make intelligent and informed decisions on who they want to do business with.

On Feb 13.2008 R. Powell. stated in his review to Avoid This Business and states in his review we "doubled our quote." Mr. Powell declined service and threatened he would put us out of business if we charged his card for a minimum service fee. In retaliation Mr. Powell posted several postings on other sites telling people to "Avoid this Business?? We contacted our attorney. Subsequently a letter was sent to Mr. Powell ordering him to remove any and all defaming postings. Mr. Powell denied that it was him that made the postings. It became clear to our attorney in his conversation with Mr. Powell he had issues with people of color (Afro-Americans). On October 29, 2008 we were contacted by B. Dube and scheduled a cleaning appointment for October 31, 2008. When our technician showed up he was treated very disrespectful harsh by Ms. Dube.

On November 5, 2008 the day after an historical election Ms. Dube let out a rant that goes on for several paragraphs. When this was brought to our attention we contacted Ms. Dube by e-mail and requested she remove the review. The following day the father (H. Dube) responded with a negative review on November 11, 2008. All of the negative reviews are in violation of your policy for unacceptable content.

It also appears that most of the reviews posted by reviewers have reviewed one business. This review is in violation of your review policy #11. Content determined by Citysearch to be illegal, or to violate any federal, state, or local law or regulation or the rights of any other person or entity.

We have contact Georgia Consumer Affairs regarding our complaint. There are several other complaints on the internet complaining of similar issues with Citysearch.


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