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Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 9:44pm CST by e6e4d770

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I have a long story and several major complaints against this website, I have been a user of their site for nearly six years now--I worked hard and earned lots, many trophies and prizes I can never earn again. My virtual pets are as precious to me as my living pets. I recommended friends and family to the site, kept all their rules, and generally just played quietly and contently.

In December 2007, much to all our shock, the accounts of my entire family got frozen one day without warning--all except my main account oddly. My sister lost 3 accounts, my brother lost 1 and I lost 4 side accounts. We sent in inquiries about what had happened, trying to explain that we were all different users who shared a PC. They barely responded except for generic automated messages. My sister was devastated and hysterical for a long time after the fact. I still am upset but hopeful that I may one day again see my side pets.

In Feb 2008, I sent a suggestion in. I noticed an item on their site that seemed to break one of their own rules--the rule that political, social, and religious issues weren't allowed on the site. I had sent many suggestions in before and never received any replies. So, I was quite shocked when I did receive one. However, the admin who sent it was very rude and sarcastic and insulted me and my religion in it. She basically implied I was a religious nut that fish grew legs to run away from and that my religion and beliefs were less serious than jelly. When I responded stating my indignation and asking for an apology I was ignored.

I continued to ask for my side accounts back and an apology over the next few months and received nothing but automated messages. Then, in Sept 2008, right after I again asked for an apology my only remaining account was frozen. I again sent in inquiries. This time I wasn't even given a consistent answer. I was told it was frozen from everything from having multiple accounts (when I only had one left) to having cheated in the beauty contest (which I can't even enter cause we don't own a scanner). The kicker of it all is that the email address I get all these automated replies from is the same address as the one who mocked me earlier! I ask what evidence and what made them think I was cheating and get no answer. I am convinced that I did nothing wrong and was frozen by this admin out of spite.

I have even taken up my complaint with the Better Business Bureau (which y'all can do to and please do so!) and the Federal Trade Comission. Once again, Neopets Inc failed to properly address the issue.

I'm not the only one, hundreds of innocent users are unjustly frozen and can do nothing to get their hard-earned accounts and pets back. The internet is loaded with horror stories, even from paying users who are treated like garbage by the customer service! They even hide all their contact information so that the only way you can take an issue up with them is through autobot-guarded emails. It frustrates and sickens me to think about the treatment I've been receiving after being a loyal user of their site and paying for their virtual items. It saddens and hurts me to think about my precious pets being trapped forever because of one malicious admin. This crap has got to stop.


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f499c8aa, 2008-12-09, 03:16PM CST

My children were locked out of their accounts when they turned 13yrs.No warnings, no broken rules. They just can't log in anymore.

TNT changed their login requirements and now they can't log in and the neopets staff will not help them. We send form emails and get canned replies ie ignored.

Viacom needs to feel how they are hurting children with this lack of customer support. I have asked repeatedly for someone to call me at home so I can discuss this with them. I get ignored.

04083d20, 2009-02-09, 10:42AM CST

Alright, here's what you should do...


Go out and find a nice date and get off the computer.

If you're married...I feel bad for your spouse.

18cdf6d2, 2009-11-19, 08:29PM CST

we're going to sue you ten fold if you don't send us our password and for all the trouble we went through give us ninety million of neocash for free on our account and forty stones so we can level up our neopet then we'll call off the law suet.For the last time the emial is [email protected] and don't try anything funny or else we'll sue you for everything you got.we want it by midnight or 3:00am.i'm enekokcrash we share one account our dad's and mom's loyers.we counted our parent's loyers and thier were so many zeros. we had to make up a new number.i'm the leader trogan and we say if you don't meet our demands then neopets inc is ours.

a57356ba, 2010-04-06, 08:52AM CDT

Dude stop and get a life your stupid online game shouldnt be compared your real life pets. And you should complain that neopets took away 6 years of your life.

2bcd1113, 2010-04-06, 08:56AM CDT

Get a freaking life loser. Stop complaing about an online game that will get you no where. You should be complaing to neopets about how they wasted 6 years of your life caring for a pet that dosent even exist.

dd7399d8, 2010-12-26, 05:20PM CST

Actually neopets has already been sued and lost the lawsuit many times, from premium members and people who paid money on their products for their account and were unfairly frozen. Neopet had to pay them back for unused premium services and all the items they bought at aproximate cost.

f07096f1, 2011-02-02, 12:08PM CST

First of all, I don't appreciate the rude comments regarding the poster's complaint. Telling people to get a life is hypocritical when clearly you are stalking posts looking for someone to pick fun at.

Neopets was and can still be a fun website for children to learn and socialize and is also a great way to kill time for the older generation, but unfortunately, like the OP mentioned, the customer service is seriously lacking.

A few weeks ago I logged into my old account that had been sedentary for years to play a few games and reminisce. Not even two days later I was frozen for buying and selling their items and web currency (nepoints?. I never recieved a warning and I clearly hadn't done what they accused me of. After weeks of no response, I emailed one of the staff members and was rudely accosted and informed that my issues were of no concern to them and they would do nothing to help me fix the problem. They had zero substantial evidence to prove their accusation and there is nothing I can do about it. I can't say I'm not upset about this. Sure I'm a little too old to play Neopets, but I had planned on saving my old account to give to my kids to play with.

Moral of the story, don't let your children play on a website that cares only for the amount of money the get from their advertisers; it's dissapointing and run by a staff full of kid-hating burocrats.

d930f3cb, 2012-08-31, 11:05PM CDT

dd7399d8 Can you give me any information about where you got the information concerning the previous lawsuits? I've been looking everywhere with no luck. If I can't get my unfairly frozen accounts back, I'd at least like to get my real money back.

Original Poster: I'm sorry about your accounts. They are terrible people.

193f9227, 2013-05-09, 03:35AM CDT

First of all, telling someone to get a life or any other negative comments is illegal as it is a clear violation of new cyber bullying laws put into place. Now let me share my complaint. For years, I have played neopets off and on. It is a hobby of mine as adults are also allowed on this gaming site. It is a coping mechanism for some of us with Asperger's Syndrome. With that said, last year I did make a mistake. I stupidly got an old account unfrozen by providing all the information for it though I was without it for an entire year. I left it as I was being harassed by various users on their boards. Once I got the account back, I invested a ton of nc mall cash via purchasing nickelodeon cash cards. It does not clearly state in print for anyone with vision problems let alone normal vision that these cards are non refundable or transferable to other accounts. Well I got warned a few times and even suspended. I thought it was my fault and that some how maybe I broke a rule. I did submit tickets when I thought I was unfairly accused, warned, etc. Well, I bought premium thinking it would improve my playing experience, but as soon as I did a few days later, I was given two warnings and then silenced for 48 hours or perhaps 3 days, but it was within minutes of each other. I was then actually silenced for an entire week on my account. You cannot transfer items you paid for except with buying boxes called gift box capsules which cost money to send your own items to another account. I managed to trade for some via their nc mall cash board, but when I tried gifting a few items for free as it was my own money, I was again unfairly warned for breaking rules.

I ended up canceling premium and deleting two accounts which both had money invested into that account via nickelodeon cash cards and other merchandise used to purchase key quest tokens. When I submitted a ticket about being harassed by others on the boards and by staff constantly warning, suspending, silencing, etc me they laughed in my face practically and called me paranoid saying that all their warnings etc were justified.

I have seen them break their own rules by selling training cookies to faerie quests which they stated they would never sell or give players an unfair advantage over some on the site. They also say neopoints, items, etc are not for sale, but now I see them endorsing fan sites that have advertisements for selling other people's neopet accounts. When I asked on the boards if this was against the rules or not, I got warned and silenced for mentioning it. I was harassed unfairly by various staff members. When I got a ticket response for asking for help, the comments and suggestions were rude.

They also have advertisements that are not suited for children and some things on their site including ads which can cause seizures and migraines with flashing lights and red fonts. I have noticed a lot of people with disabilities are given a hard time on their site as if you tell them you have a problem due to vision issues etc, they will give you a rude response back. I have also seen people who are ISP banned which is illegal as it violates the discrimination act. This last plot they did was not a real plot but a way to sell more nc mall cash items known as training cookies etc. I have seen many unethical business practices on this site. I am unsure why they are not investigated for unethical and corrupt business practices by the FCC and BBB. If there is any lawsuit against this site, please notify me via email as one would be justified. I also think they should be audited. Nickelodeon owns neopets now, but when it first came out, the site was run with ethics and dignity, but nickelodeon seems to be after money and any way they can get it, in my opinion.

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