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Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 7:33pm CST by 83d72720

Product: Dog Breeder - Labrador Retrievers

Company: Bayview Retreivers

Location: Seattle, WA, US


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My 11 year old daughter desperately wanted a puppy and saved up her money to purchase a pure bred Labrador Retriever. My wife did the research and found Bayview Retrievers and she and my daughter went to visit. References were good, place was clean, dogs looked good so they put down a $300 deposit along with three other families with girls who raised the money for the puppies. So we waited. And waited. And waited. The breeder (Kim Tyler) was un-communicative, very slow to give us progress on the pregnancy and didn't return calls or emails. We finally got a hold of here almost a month after the due date and found out the mother had a false pregnancy. At that point we decided not to do business with her and requested our deposit back which she agreed to do.

But again, we waited and waited with no return of the money forthcoming. No, over 4 months later - she still hasn't returned our money after multiple calls, emails and attempts to communicate. Below is a copy of a recent email from my wife to Kim. Do NOT do business with Bayview Retrievers.

The problem here is that you have been a horrible communicator and you seem to have an excuse for everything. That is the reason non of us wanted to work with you. You waited weeks to tell us of a false pregnancy with Jewel. You were so slow to return calls. Even Sidney (a child) called you to see of the status of the puppies and you never called her back. Then when we finally heard from you, we heard nothing but excuses as to why you were unable to make a simple phone call. Clearly, your life has been a little nuts lately but that is not our problem. Unfortunately for us, your puppy contract does not protect the buying of your various hardships. When you finally did communicate that there was a false pregnancy you offered the next litter or a refund. I have the email that says as such. So, we chose the refund. That was back in September. You then asked if you could return the money October 15, we said okay. Then you asked for a date of November 15th, we said okay again. When we get close to the date, you again, don't communicate, we have to contact you. This is the only reason we do not want to work with you. You turned this into a very negative experience and it has reflected poorly on you as a breeder and a business person.

I honestly feel sorry that you are struggling with the business side of dog breeding. However, you and I both know that that is exactly what this is, a business. We are simply asking you to honor your word. Please do not put the hardship that you are experiencing on us. I will remind you that the word deposit means to leave for safe keeping. We entrusted you with that money 4 months ago. Each of our girls had to save this money up and they have all been absolutely heart broken not only for having to wait for their puppy but not seeing their hard earned money returned in a timely manner.


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77102c33, 2008-11-30, 09:43PM CST

I had a different experience with this breeder. We got a great lab from her.

77102c33, 2008-11-30, 11:06PM CST

This was an unfortunate situation in that my dog had a false pregnancy. The contract did say that no refunds on deposits.

6014d678, 2008-12-15, 10:09PM CST

I agree with you that this is unacceptable and your family does deserve an apology and your refund back, but I will say that my Husband I and purchased a puppy from Kim 4 years ago and she was very easy to work with and I was able to contact her after we took our dog home when we had questions. I am sorry your experience with Kim was as bad as it was because her dogs are great. We always get compliments on our dog's looks and temperment. She is a great companion dog, very affectionate, very intelligent and a valued/loved member of our family. She has been wonderful with children since she was a puppy. I wish you luck in getting your refund and hope you will have a better experience in working with another breeder.

3f2be75f, 2009-01-15, 01:04AM CST

I'm sorry your experience was bad. My wife and I got our first dog from Bayview and the process was very easy and quick. She's a fantastic dog with a wonderful temperment. Everyone that meets her is amazed at how calm and pleasant she is. She has become the "meet and greet" dog at her doggy daycare because she is a great judge of other dogs and super calm-submissive.

I hope you are able to work out your problem.

ff2712e1, 2010-08-13, 03:49PM CDT

I am experiencing the same problem as you have. My husband and I decided not to get a puppy from Kim in May, and it is now August and still have not recieved our $300 deposit, despite numerous emails and phone calls. DO NOT DO BUSNIESS WITH THIS WOMAN!!!

f651d4b7, 2010-09-02, 09:07PM CDT

I am sorry to hear about your experience with this lady. Now after reading your story, I feel just lucky to get our puppy from her, but it wasn't without a hitch. Read the letter I sent the AKC after our own "KIM" experience.

Dear Lisa,

I have a question for you, but first must tell you the situation which has sent me on a quest for the answer to my question. I found your association to the AKC to be well suited, so please take the time to read my letter. Thanks!

In early May of this year, I began looking to purchase a female black lab puppy. The puppy was to be the main birthday present to my young daughter for her eighth birthday. Well soon after I began looking, I realized that a lab puppy with AKC papers was going to cost quite a bit. I set a goal to not spend over $500 to acquire the newest member of our family.

After a few days of looking through the local papers and going online to various websites. I found a breeder who was willing to drop her usual asking price of $800 down to $700. The lady even offered me the first pick of the litter, as long as I sent in a $300 deposit immediately. She said the litter was due to be born at the end of the month and the puppies would not be ready until seven weeks later.

OK, we decided we will give our daughter a new main present for her birthday.

Well the bloodline of the puppies looked very nice, champion titles galore of various sorts filled up the tiers. I was absolutely salivating, I thought, so what, this would not be the first time that I went over my budget. So I, I sent off the check.

I asked the breeder to phone me when she received my check. I sent more e-mails and left voice mails. After ten days of not hearing back, I began to worry about this," kind lady who was so quick to respond to all my previous inquiries". What happened too her? Did she go traveling? Maybe she took a vacation?

My bank says that my check cleared about four days after I had sent it. Someone cashed it.

In previous conversation, for some reason I had the feeling she lived alone. This made me start pondering, "did she get hurt"?

I actually became concerned for her.

I began to look for someone who may know of her where a bouts. I started at the local breeder association website, where I first found her.

I sent a letter to one of the lab breeder association's board members and copied the absent lady.

Soon afterwards, I received replies from both the board member and the absent breeder. She was alive and doing well after all.

She explained to me, that she had just returned from spending time high in her mountain cabin and had no contact with civilization. She was also some what ticked off at me for asking around about her. I responded back to her, that I was concerned for her safety.

Well finally a few weeks later, she annouced the pups had been born. The breeder lived 2.5 hours away and I had told her that I would not visit until the release date. Gas prices are too high to travel that far twice. She said, she understood and would send us some weekly pictures . In the following seven weeks, she sent us one very poor picture of the pups at two weeks old. We could merely see just some black smudges.

I sent her a few e-mails asking her what date was best to visit and pick out the pup. No response, but I did notice a few days later that on her website that the release date was suddenly posted.

So I upgraded my previous e-mail and also left a voicemail to let her know that I will be visiting on the Friday release date and plan to arrive at noon. She responded quickly and said that if I was to show up at noon on Friday, July 18th, that she would not wait for my arrival and allow others to pick out their pups ahead of me. I said fine, I will take Thursday off, the day before and choose our puppy then. She muttered something ,but really had no come back.

Well Lisa, I told you all of that, to ask you this! First, I must caution you to swallow anything you maybe eating or drinking!!







Do you think it is possible for a Red tail Hawk to swoop down and carry off a six week old lab puppy? Believe it or not, it happened... Amazing, but true!She said," In all of her twenty plus years of breeding, it was the first time this has happened".

That was the story that I was told, to explain why only three out of the four females puppies were left to pick from.

What is really amazing too me, is that it has been documented, that without high wind or a cliff to gain take-off advantage, a very large eagle can only manage to carry off only five-six pounds from flat ground.

Can you imagine the size of that Red tail Hawk? Must have been the Grand Daddy of all!!!!!

Instead of the story about the enormous hawk, I would much rather have heard about some gang of notorious puppy rustlers who blew through town!

What would you think, if this happened too you?


Second to the Hawk!

34ee8823, 2011-07-19, 11:11PM CDT

We paid $500 for an older dog from Bayview that was supposed to be fully trained in January of 2008. She came to us completely covered in flees and still nursing another dogs puppies after her own were gone. The dog was not house trained at 3 years old and had never walked on a leash. At the time, Kim had just crashed her truck and needed money. The dog we adopted from her has been challenging since the day we brought her home. She still compete with our other dog and has many odd behaviors. She does not do well on a leash and is agressive towards other dogs only when she is on a leash. She has broken teeth from hitting them against a stainless steel bowl as she is in fear that another dog will eat her food. She paces constantly and has to be the first of the 2 dogs out the door. She cannot be on family trips in our RV as she urinates only in the RV. She has many other quirks that have caused marital discontent. I take comfort in the fact that I have saved a dog from this woman no matter how trying it is.

29274ee9, 2011-10-07, 12:31PM CDT

I am sorry that this family experienced what they felt was "lousy" business with Bayview Labradors in Bow, Wash. I have purchased TWO wonderful Labs from Kim and they were totally awesome dogs. i did not have that same experience with her, I felt like she was caring and knowledgeable and available to me when I needed to ask questions. My chocolate Lab was my first Lab and it was more than I bargained for, so I looked to her for help, which she gave. I have not found communicating with Kim to be "horrible". I don't know that the whole story is here but please remember that only one side is presented here and I disagree with it, at least from my experiences with Kim. She is not a personal friend of mine, I have only dealt with her when buying my two Labs and I found the experience pleasant and I occasionally go there to see new litters of pups. Since both my guys are gone now, I will be in the market for another Lab sometime and I will most likely buy it from Kim and Bayview.

c9fac9a7, 2013-10-14, 03:01PM CDT

While I agree that this breeder should not be breeding anymore, my story is a bit more tragic. I purchased a puppy from this breeder as well after losing my 16 yr old lab 3 yrs previously. From about 3 weeks on, this puppy has apparent issues. I spoke with her about he issues and her response was bring it back. Our family had already bonded and so we kept it, hoping it would get better. After spending a lot of money on vet bills, this puppy was put on predisone due to thyroid and other issues. The dog was lethargic, had a stumpty tail and did not look anything like any of her dogs.

When we picked up our dog, she had mentioned that someone had returned their dog due to personal issues. I noticed she had a few of them that were brought back.

last year, we lost our lab due to a house fire. In the midst of getting everyone out, when we went to get her, she was already gone because she was so large and couldnt move.

She did not play and move about like normal labs. I contacted the breeder to let her know and while I don't hold her responsible for not being aware of the genetic issues I just don't feel that she did anything to offer her help other than, take her back. When families bond with animals, it's not easy just to give them up. Looking at the photos of her other dogs, from her head to tail, she did not look ANYTHING like her other dogs. I feel that she had a genetic disease and I wonder how many others in that same litter had the same issues.

Not a breeder I would recommend.

Sorry ~

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