Animal Clinic and Surgery of Throgs Neck P.C. - OVERPRICED ANIMAL CLINIC!!

Posted on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008 at 1:47am CST by 375eec24

Product: Animal Services

Company: Animal Clinic and Surgery of Throgs Neck P.C.

Location: 3800 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY, 10465, US


Category: Other

This overpriced animal clinic overcharged me big time!! I was charged $1,000 plus, plus, plus!!! This highway robbery fee only covered the cost of one pet. They did not even have the courtesy to give me an estimate before sticking me with this huge bill. I was pushed into an expensive credit account so they could get paid all the money upfront. Then excuses were made one after another to keep my pet there longer so they could keep driving up the bill. I was even charged a ridiculous fee for just picking up my pet and taking him home, as well as additional money for taking out some stitches, which only took two seconds to do. They have the nerve to advertize that their services are affordable. What baloney!! This animal clinic is NOT CONSUMER FRIENDLY, especially in this tough economy when most people these days are struggling, out of work, and cannot afford such expensive services. I will not be back.


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