Gorgeous Poodles - Saddest Poodles Ever / Rudest Person Ever

Posted on Friday, November 21st, 2008 at 5:02pm CST by 7cfeedd6

Product: Poodle Preeder

Company: Gorgeous Poodles

Location: Bakersfield, California
Bakersfield, CA, US

URL: http://www.gorgeouspoodles.com

Category: Other

Worst experience of life. Nastiest, rudest person ever encountered. Flat out crazy experience!! Should have known from her attitude on the telephone. Call her and you will see. If you have any desire to purchase a poodle from this individual... think again. She will have you sit in a "showing" room, then sanitize your hands, and have you wear booties on your feet before entering this room. Places blanket on your lap to not contaminate the dogs. Then has her assistant bring in the most petrified dogs you've ever seen. These dogs are beyond freaked out. Shaking so much they were literally vibrating. She won't let you see them in any other setting then the blanketed lap-showing room setting. This lady is demeaning, rude, and lacks any kind of social skills whatsoever. These poor, poor creatures. All the dogs do is nuzzle there noses in your neck. Petrified. Left empty handed.

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angie l., 2014-01-03, 12:22AM CST

Warning! Breeder Marie Davis from Exquisite Poodles is the SAME breeder Elizabeth Davis from Gorgeous Poodles. She lives at the same address and both websites are almost identical.. Some dog photos are the same in both sites. My horrid experience with her fits every complaint filed against her as Davis. She is rude,full of contradictions,denies what she says,rushes you off the phone when she calls. I drove 8hrs one way, she chewed me out for being 15 min early! I saw two terrified adult dogs,shaking,eyes bulging,she held them tight as they tried to get out of her arms. Puppies were buried in blanket & she got angry if it poked its head or foot out. Did not allow me to play with them or see the area they are kept. Her dogs showed signs of animals kept in cages all their lives. Puppy mill disguised as a upscale breeder. She raised price at time of sale, then switched puppy on me after I paid $1,600 cash for it.The pup she switched for is much larger than I wanted and has eye problems.She did not give health or pedigree paperwork required by law. Pup not housebroken as she promised. She manages to con you into buying lots of extras at ridiculous prices. Next morning she promised to let me get the puppy I actually bought but then changed her mind. Now we go to court.Too bad I was informed of her other website and horror of other buyers the day AFTER I bought my pup.

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