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Posted on Friday, November 21st, 2008 at 4:38pm CST by e052b0c2

Company: Planet Fitness

Location: 736 Huse Road
Manchester, NH, 03102, US

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Membership terminated for taking pictures. Planet fitness, 736 Huse ,Road, Manchester NH.

I walked into PF with my friend as her guest on 11-16-08. As I signed in I specifically asked what the rules for the gym are. No grunting (even when your benching 300lbs) you have to hold it in I was told. No dropping of the weights. This is all that was said to me. I looked around for any signs that had other rules on it and saw none. After my workout my friend and I walked over to a part of the gym where there was no one around and no equipment in the area. I asked her to take some pictures of me all pumped up. I wanted some before and after photos so I could track my progress as I want to compete in the mens senior bodybuilding challenge at the end of 09. Ill tell you I'm 45yo and in very good shape. I will put my body up against any 20 yo and win. She proceeded to take the pictures, 4 of me with my shirt on, then 4 with my shirt off. It was at this time that an employee of the gym came over and saidyou cannot do that in here. I was taken back, for Ive been in gyms for over 20 years and never heard of such a thing. I apologized then picked up my things. On my way out I thanked them for my visit.Have a great day I was told. I just thought it was odd that they told me to stop taking pictures. I wasnt taking any pictures of the gym itself or any of the equipment, just photos of myself doing the classic poses.

The next day the manager called my friend at work and had the tenacity, the unmitigated gall to tell her that her membership was terminated because we were taking pictures!! No warning of any kind, no please dont do that again. Can you even believe that!! I was livid when she called me and told me this. I immediately called the gym to talk to the manager. I asked what was going on. I was told we do not tolerate that here. That I was intimidating the other customers and making them feel very uncomfortable. I told him that I had asked what the rules where as soon as we walked in and no one said a thing about having someone taking your picture. He said that we dont want your kind in here and that is definitely not the atmosphere that we want. That I was way out of line and disruptive. I said you didnt even give her a warning, that Im the one who asked her to take the pictures. He said they can and will terminate any membership at any time that they choose. It is at their discretion and it also comes down from the corporate office. I still cant believe what I was listening to. I did my homework before I called him and got the corporate phone number. I wanted to know just what kind of place I was dealing with. I asked him for the corporate office number. He said we dont give that out. I figured as much and told him that I already had it. For all that want to know the number it is 603-516-0361. So my friends membership was terminated over 8 pictures.

Let me explain what PF is. It is the MacDonalds of the fitness industry. This is a place for children run by children. If you think that they will help you reach any serious goals you are mistaken. You cant even make a noise if youre lifting heavy weights; they want you to hold in all the pressure and blow a nut. Thats great, what happens then when youre injured? This place is for the person that just wants to go through the motions. There is nothing there to motivate you to be the best you can be. This is not the first time Ive been to a PF. The staff is made up of children just out of HS. Their so called knowledge of getting into and staying in shape and setting and meeting high goals you have set for yourself is laughable!! This place is no gym, its a meeting place. PF is for girls period!! Im now on a mission to convince people to not go there and find a real working gym. Do yourself a favor; look around for a private locally owned gym. Look around at the people that are in the gym. Are they all out of shape just going through the motions? Can you see anyone that you could use as a role model to challenge yourself to be the best you can be? For this will motivate you!! A real gym does not have ridicules rules such as PF. They wont even let you walk around with a gallon of water to hydrate yourself. They want you to buy their bottled water. You are not allowed to where tank tops because they dont want you showing off what you have accomplished. For all that feel as I do lets get together and expose PF for what it really is. Its the biggest joke that ever came down the pike. Save your time and money. Youll be very sorry if you join this place. Go on line to any complaint site and you will read endless statements of how people have been treated by rude, incompetent, employees and the endless rules and regulations and the ones they make up as they go. Lets bury this fraud of a fitness center. For all of you that work damn hard to be in the best shape you can be KEEP PUMPING!! For everyone else that just goes through the motions I suggest you give up and lay down as youre just as phony as Planet Fitness.


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