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Don't reward your customers with AMEX gift cards. They will curse you for it.

I had 2 amex gift cards which expired and AMEX isnot willing to re-activate my AMEX GC. Each time I got a new 800 number to call. Basically I am out of $50.

I am a happy customer with their Credit Cards but their Gift Cards suck

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a7b7e42c, 2009-06-23, 09:12PM CDT

I had issues with American Express Pre-Paid Gift Cards as well. I received a gift card for Christmas. It took almost 30 minutes on the phone to get it activated (loooong hold time). When that was done I was told that it was ready to use.

It wasn't until this month (June) that I finally remembered to use the card. Unfortunately the card was declined.

I went to the website to look up the card balance thinking someone might have used it. Once I entered the card number I was forwarded to another site. However, that site would not allow me to see any info and instructed me to call the customer service number on the back of the card.

I called the number entered the card info and was forwarded to another number where I had to re-enter the info and was told the hold time would be greater than 10 minutes. The recording suggested I look it up online for faster service, but of course I already knew that would not work.

About 15 minutes into the call an agent who seemed to have trouble with English answered. I gave him the card security code and my name.

He told me I showed a 50.00 balance where and when my last purchase was. I had to point out to him that the purchase for 27.00 and change was declined. He agreed. I had to ask why it would be declined when the card balance was nearly twice that amount.

He put me on hold for approx 5 minutes, then came back on asked my security code and name again then put me on hold for another 2-3 minutes.

When he came back online he stated that the card had been suspended and that it was reactivated so I can use it now.

I asked why it was suspended and he said it was a "data migration" issue. He would not explain further, and rather than answer why this happened and why I had to deal with the embarrassment of having a card declined he instead repeated that it was a "data migration" issue, that it was fixed and added "and I have to go now.

Wonderful customer service. I would not recommend purchasing a AMEX Gift card under any circumstances. They have no sense of customer service there and no interest in even making the attempt in my opinion. If you need a gift card, I'd strongly recommend that you avoid doing business with AMEX based on the terrible experience I've had with it so far.

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