Posted on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 at 2:58pm CST by 0843d13f


Company: STOP AND SHOP #594

Location: 1730 Veterans Memorial Highway


Category: Stores, Shopping

I shop at the stop and shop everyweek.As i walk into the store smiling looking around to see the employees with long faces.You know i always pass the front cashiers first to go to the deli.I have never recalled getting a "hello how are you." or any kind of greeting.So i pass through many isles seeing so many of there employees and not one of them greeting any of the customers.Not to mention when your trying to get an item from the shelves the stocking person just stands there acting like your getting in their way.I wonder if these people where told what customer service means?when you speak to them they don't reply just stare at you like your crazy.Well today my exsperience went to the extreme.I was going to checkout.I scan my own items.I did try letting the cashier scan once before but he was like all the rest no hi,thanks for shopping or nothing.So like i was saying today i started scanning my items came to last 2 items had some problem.So i went to the cashierand said"excuse me please i am having some problems over here"and her reply was "yeah i heard ya" with an additude WOW!So she came over grabbed one item out of my hand and scanned it throwing it onto the belt.Then she scan the other item doing the same.So now she is finished and i say "thankyou" and she walks off.No you are welcome or nothing.Then i stood there for a couple of minutes and took a big breath because i was so upset.This lady had a very bad additude.So i was thinking why should i spend my hard earned money in a store with very bad customer service.After all these people don't care if they get customers or not!The managers need to think about hiring people who can give better customer service.If you have employees with better additudes then you can get more business!With the one there now i am surprised they get any at all.


c458eec9, 2008-12-02, 11:20AM CST

First of all it's attitude not additude..second, had I been you when she snatched that first item, I would have pulled the other out of her reach then snapped don't you ever grab anything out of my hand agian! Then I would have tossed it on the conveyor belt then I would have walked right out the door wihout buying anything..

75c0ea98, 2012-12-19, 06:52AM CST

The problem with Stop & Shop employees is that the corporate offices are so focused on cutting costs and saving money that they have forced their stores to cut employee's hours to an all time low. They don't realize that if you want to have a sucessful business you have to have excellent customer service and when you don't have enough employees to do that everyone suffers. They would rather hire 5 part time people working for minimum wage than to keep 2 full time employees who have provided excellent service to the company for years. The full time people make too much money. It is a shame that these corporate people never have to work in the stores that they "govern", because if they did work there for 1 week they would have a greater appreciation for what their employees do every day.

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