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Posted on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 at 10:31am CST by fc877bc3

Product: Credit Card Processing

Company: Leaders, The Merchant Services Co.

Location: 26707 w agoura rd
Calabasas, Ca, 91302, US

Category: Other

After applying and obtaining the equipment and services from Leaders local rep...I begin to use the credit card processing terminal to find out each and every day I used the terminal I had to call and spend one hour on the phone with customer support...in order to get the terminal to accept the credit cards.

I decided to use the Internet for processing my Credit Card transactions. Which Leader was unable to assist me that day so I contacted Quickbooks which set me up same day service. With in 3 weeks a customer services rep from Leaders called me back to set up my Internet connection w/ Leaders.

After explaining the situation they told me I was under a 2 year agreement, which was incorrect. They asked me to send my contract in for review which they confirmed I was correct. I decided to live out the contract to save a few dollars verse the penalty for canceling early.

Now one year and one month later I call to cancel and went thought the same process as above. Once again found to be correct I was told the services are canceled, to find the charge again on my bank statement the following month.

Again I called and repeated the steps above again I was assured this has been canceled. Third time I called and went though the same conversation and proving Leaders with my terms and conditions they stated they would personally handle it and I told them I would close the bank account this time. They proceeded to hit my account that day for the monthly charge plus now 10.00 customer service fee for calling to complain!

Stop the thieves now and don't entertain the thought of using them....I highly recommend Quickbooks! Month to Month and user friendly with same day transactions deposited directly to your account!

Sign a Happy Quickbook CC customer!


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4c04878d, 2010-01-05, 05:46AM CST

In our experiences, and after talking with others who have experienced much the same with them, they appear to be the king of "bait & switch" in these regards. The contract you sign with them eventually ends up being something other than what you were originally told and/or signed and agreed to, and it will indeed take a great deal of time and extreame frustration to get issues resolved, if in fact you ever do. They'll told us many things on the phone to satisfy our complaint(s), but later discovered those conversations to be completely unreliable, and resulted in being a total waste of our time, and in fact, they even charged us for yet another "customer service fee"! Apparently that was just for talking to them, as they had no other explanation for it when asked!

Regarding complaints of this company taking unauthorized "hidden fees" from your bank account, they are notorious for doing this, or at least in our experiences they certainly have been!

During our contract term, we received several unpleasent surprise fee" notifications, sometimes in advance, but generally without notice of any kind. Bottom line here, they took our money from our bank account, whether we authorized it or not, and we never got it refunded back to us, even when we proved what they did was wrong, unauthorized, and not in our contract.

My guess is that this is the type of company that concentrates its efforts on getting contracts with small businesses who are unlikely to have the resources to fight against them should any problems surface, and in our opinion, this is perhaps how and why they get away with the things they do, such as in making up "fees" for things without notice, albeit unfair or unwarranted. Apparently they will do whatever they can get away with, and ANY explanation they come up with for the fees, (whether ridiculous or not,) is the rule. "Mental gymnastics" seems to be the name of the game with this company, and they'll simply hang up on you if you corner them in their unscrupulous and unethical ways of operations. In our experiences, they have no desire are care whatsoever to "justify" what they do, they just do it and leave you hanging to deal with it with little to no recourse.

Based on our personal experiences with this company, if you're considering signing a contract with this company, I would advise you don't, or at least not until you review it with an attorney familiar with these kind of contracts. Hopefully things have changed with this companies m.o.?, however, I would strongly advise not to assume anything.

They may or may not have the lowest processing rates,? but in our opinion, that's the "bait" they use to get you to sign with them, the "switch" will come later with the many hidden "fees" they come up with which will dramatically nullify any savings you "thought" you would be getting with them when you contracted with them.

Everything considered, we discovered that having a contract with this company to be a huge and very unfortunate mistake on our part, and a very bad and costly experience in the long run.

It isn't our intentions to necessarily condemn a particular company, but rather to advise others to proceed in these type of transactions with extream caution and due dilligence. In this case, our experiences were indeed a bit of a nightmare with this particular company, and a very costly one as well, and that would be putting it mildly!

Companies like this can many times be instrumental, and an asset to your business, but keep in mind, they can also be devistatingly destructive!

14f5d9e2, 2010-07-26, 11:05PM CDT

Leaders is a LIE!!

Terrible terrible company. I am finally getting out of my 2 year contract. I shouldve gotten out sooner. They charged me unexplainable fee's too.

With all those fee's it probably wouldve been better to leave the first year.

Service is unbelievably terrible.

Never go with them EVER!!! They steal your money away. Worst people to work with.

All very non-educated. All they know are about the additional fees they keep popping out at you for NO REASON!!!


I will do everything I can in my power to have no-one, NO ONE go with them!

1c7d7a88, 2012-01-03, 02:39PM CST

I used Leaders for online payment processing, and they started hitting me with extravagant hidden fees. I looked over all of my email correspondence and contracts, and found a lot of hidden trickery. I'm going through a huge headache right now, but luckily my bank has my back and is helping me with the whole dispute. Leaders has proven to be extremely unethical, underhanded, and flat out untruthful.

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