Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton customer services complaint

Posted on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 at 4:18am CST by ecf222c9

Product: Manon MM M95619

Company: Louis Vuitton

Location: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 20121 Milano Italy
Milano, Mi, 20121, IT

Category: Other

I am writing this complaint based on my horrible experience in Louis Vuitton at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, on 13th November 2008 around 6.30pm.

I went into the shop and was hoping to purchase a bag. I stood in front of the counter for 15 mins but no one came to assist me, even though some of the sales associates were idling.

I waited patiently for another 10 mins and finally i managed to stop a sales associate to help me with my purchase.

I gave her the model number of the bag (Manon MM Model no: M95619).

She brought it out after a while and i told her that i will get it, but requested her to hold on to it for awhile as i wanted to go to their 2nd level to see other bags as well, but she did not follow me.

After 5 mins, i went down and wanted to pay for the bag. The sales associate who served me earlier was serving other customers, and so i waited for her or reckon that she will at least get another sale associate to help me to settle the payment.

I stood at the counter for 15mins and once again no one bothered about my existence. At the same time, some Caucasians walked in, and they were being served immediately.

I finally managed to grab a sale associate who walk passed me. I told her that I wanted to pay for the bag which I have requested her colleague to hold on for me, but without asking me or her colleague for the model number, she gave a snobbish look and said she doesn't know and the bag was sold.

Hence I asked her to show me other bags instead, but she refused to.

She said all the bags are on the display so i can just look at it from afar! After insisting her to show it to me, she started to bang on the drawers

containing wallets; since the bag i wanted to see is a Speedy model, how can it be in the drawer of wallets?

So i told her again that i wanted to see the Speedy bag, but she simply walked away and talked to the security guard.

I was speechless; and when she came back to me, she opened up the same drawer again and brought out a wallet to show me.

I don't understand her angry attitude towards me and it is not that she does not understand English, so why did she refuse to show me the bag that i wanted to see?!

Again, i told her that i wanted to see the Speedy bag, and finally she brought it out and together, she also brought me the bag that i wanted to purchase earlier.

I asked her: I thought you said this bag was sold?

and she replied saying I don't know! and walked away.

Why will i get such treatment from Louis Vuitton when you have such good reputation, and shouldn't your staffs be service-orientated as well?

Or could it be because i am an asian and your staffs are being racist?

I am really upset by this incident, as i felt so discriminated and am truly disappointed by the rude service rendered to me.


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