Posted on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 at 8:54am CST by fc877bc3


Company: First equity credit

Location: columbus, oh, US

Category: Other

Intrest rape-

a balance of 5000.00 was on my card so I was charged 85.00 for one month in intrest...after reviewing the charges I proceed to pay 3000.00 with in 15 days of finding out the information...then another 2000.00 before my next statement went out...durning this 30day period, a merchant hit my card for 14.95 cent...I had over paid my card by 7.00 leaving a balance of approx. 7.95 or there about...First Equity charged my credit card $80.00 for the $7.95 cent balance stating I had not paid off my card in full by the statement date...which I had in fact paid 5000.00 by that date but not the 7.95....

you decide for yourself do you want to do business with these people?


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247b4ac6, 2009-01-27, 07:13PM CST

they have been uping my interest rate almost every time I get a bill and I pay more then the amount due, and for some reason they keep calling my cell phone and don't leave messages and when I call on a land line they have no clue as to why they called this is a card I am paying off and cutting up!!

afc91e8e, 2009-01-28, 06:04AM CST

Yes, this is a TERRIBLY unethical, dishonest company. PLEASE, PLEASE, everyone needs to post their problems on line in the hopes of exposing this unethical company.

There has to be thousands of customers who have been cheated by First Equity Card.

978bb88c, 2009-08-29, 01:24AM CDT

So, how does one, a business owner just starting out apply for a credit card as a start if their credit isn't high enough for the other business cards. I really need a trade reference or no one will approve me credit.

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