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Posted on Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 at 1:25pm CST by 881cbad7

Product: Service cancellation

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Today I tried to cancel my service with Directv and they said I have a contract. About a year ago their DVR burned up so I went and bought a new one at a store to replace it. They are saying that I'm leasing it and I have another year on a contract. I don't think so, I bought the new DVR and when I hooked up the new DVR nothing was said about a lease, a contract or anything else. When I explained to the lady what was taking place I was transfered to a guy that further pissed me off. He wanted to know how much I paid for the DVR. What does that matter? I can't cancel my service without going there a bunch of BS. And people wonder why there is postal attitude... Please give me some assistance with cancelling my service. Thank you very much.

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