Car X - Port Washing Rd Milwaukee, WI

Posted on Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 at 5:32pm CST by d811c77c

Product: Oil Change

Company: Car X - Port Washing Rd Milwaukee, WI

Location: 5434 N Port Washington Rd
Milwaukee, WI, 53217, US

Category: Other

I had such a bad experience, I want to post it on every website. I normally don't get angry but the manager at this location was beyond rude. The worst part is, he's the District Manager. I'm afraid to meet any manager higher than that, if he's suppose to be some shining example. Anyhow, I went in because I had a coupon, so I thought I'd save some money on a simple oil change. Was told it would take 1hr 45 min, so I left my car in the morning. Late afternoon, still no call back!? So, I call to see if my car is ready...yep, just finished 5 minutes ago (yeah, right). So I pick up my car and notice my invoice says "Customer wishes to discard all old parts"...really? no one ask me (the customer). So, I ask for my old wiper blades, cause they were replaced with the oil change package. The DM says to me, "you want your old oil filter and oil back too?" WTF?! That was out of line. I didn't appreciate the comment and found it unprofessional. Won't be going back there.

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8dcc22b4, 2011-08-01, 05:29PM CDT

This and the other 10 locations owned by this group are no longer under this management as of 8/1/2011. We will re-open within the next two weeks under new ownership and management.

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