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Posted on Monday, November 17th, 2008 at 5:22pm CST by b4f76b47

Company: bryant auction

Location: hwy 54&y road
linn creek, mi, 65052, US


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this place is a joke.the owner Rick Bryant was the most self centered rudest person i have ever met.he speaks very highly of himself and brags but when it comes to customers he could care less about them except for getting their money.i myself and a few of my friends have taken items there and have them sell and never gotten paid for them and the owner kept making up stories like it didn't sell this time but the items where nowhere to be found in the building or outside.i was finally told by the owner it was not his problem it was mine.on top of all this he charges 45% to sell items thats just crazy when other placer charge 20-25%.i suggest if anyone needs to sell anything through auction to not go to bryant auction.also the place was very dirty with junk stacked everywhere it didn't look like it had been cleaned in a long time


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eb84992b, 2008-11-18, 04:09PM CST

i'll agree with that they don't seem like they know what they are doing.and i thought the owner was very rude and just cared about himself not the customers.i'm surprised they are still in business.also the place wasn't clean and there was no hot water hooked up in the bathroom to wash your hands and the kitchen looked very nasty i don't know how they get away with that.someone should call the health department and osha for all the safety hazards .i wouldn't go back even if someone paid me to go

dc6d37bd, 2009-01-22, 09:29AM CST

I agree. I agree with it all. and it

seems your bidding on items against house bids.Also,your items that you consign are sold last before auction house items. your items are put outside.

Always seems to be bidding against the house numbers.The house items start high and your items start low. charges

way over on commission 45%,your check you get isn't worth the time to effort

pack up and drive it there. It's a joke.

57e4a6ec, 2009-02-26, 04:48PM CST

I am surprised at your comments and would share with you several hundred clients who are happy with our service. Including banks, attorneys, realtors, and private individuals who have used our services. In this country we enjoy freedom of speech and I will always defend your right to it.

Weekly we go through several 1000 items

and during the week it may seem like a battle zone, but if you have never experienced this type of business it may seem unusual.

Commissions are based on items,time sold and range from 5% to 45%, we have been in the auction business now for 39 years and charged 35%, 30 years ago, we offer a full range of services for our commissions and have many clients every week enjoying our services. Since our purchasing the current facilities at the lake 4 other auction house have came and gone, profits and a sound business plan are not optional.

We continue to try daily to give our clients the best service possible, and volunteer our services to 15-20 charities at the lake.

Sorry we could not make all happy!

Rick Bryant

7ff0fd1d, 2009-02-26, 10:28PM CST

Self centered! This man has volunteered most of his adult life! Do you even know him! He is credited with 14 life saves! I know with our charity he has always given and been there for us. The lake is much better with him. The paper did an article on him last year, he has been a police officer for 12 years, paramedic for 6, and a fireman for 4 years all volunteer!

Now, for his business, we sold my fathers estate at Bryant Auction and were shocked at the totals and we paid 25%! Maybe they charged you for your attitude..Our settlement went thru our attorney and the court all settled perfectly and honestly.

To your complaints I say shame on you.

16250e55, 2009-02-26, 10:34PM CST

Are you the competition? You sound alike!

We have dealt with Bryant Auction a find them honest, family oriented, and concerned. You sound like you are a winer and have an ax to grind. I have worked there, sold there and bought there! Your confused, get a life!


b9aab42a, 2009-02-26, 10:39PM CST

I thought it was alot of fun! Why don't you just stay home! I was at a fundraiser before Christmas, Mr. Bryant was the auctioneer, He actually saved a mans life in the bathroom! Your comments are very misguided!


05b85482, 2012-01-29, 02:58PM CST

As someone who makes a living by going to auctions and sales I feel I can speak very highly f the Bryants auction house. I go to at least 4-5 auctions at various locations a week. I have consigned many items at Bryants as well as other auction services. I must say I am satisfied with the services offered.I am a firm believer that you never know what will happen at an auction I have seen one item go for pratically nothing at one auction house and the same item go for more than retail cost at another. It depends on the crowd, you can not blame the auctioneer. I have personally seen Rick work for the seller, to make sure they get a fair amount. I am nothing but thankful to them, I have been able to stay at home with my kids and still make over $110,000 profit . They have been nothing but fair and friendly to me and my family as well as growing business. I love how its a family business!!! I think it is one of the cleanist auction services in the area!! I admitt there is times where there may seem to be a lot of "junk" but let me tell you , sometimes you need to look a little closer at the junk and you will be surprised at what is really in front of you. The food is great, its entertaining and fun. I respect your freedom of speech to state your opinion of your experience with them but thought I would also give another side to it!Thank you Rick and Bryants Auction to all the hard work you do for the sellers as well as buyers!! You guys have touched my life and blessed me and my family greatly!!! Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!

-Smart phone girl

PS I have personally seen them clean the place, even the owner and I am a neat freak with OCD and must say I don't feel its dirty or unsanitary.

2bd7bf52, 2012-02-25, 05:47AM CST

bryant auction sold some items for myself and some of my friends have taken things there,many of our items were never accounted for and no one ever had an answer to what happened to the items and we were told it must have been a book keeping error.problems were never resolved and we were always given the run around as to what happened.very unprofessional and shady if you want to sell something put it on ebay or on craigslist and stay away from this place

ed7b6e03, 2012-04-12, 02:01PM CDT

I have been going to Bryant Auction for over a year now every week and have bought and sold items there I have never felt cheated EVER. I look forward to going and seeing the Bryant Auction gang at work they are always very entertaining. I have had dealings with Rick and think he is a wonderful businessman. He is very honest and works hard to get you the best deal. I am very excited for them with their show airing last night and I wish only the best for everyone there. I hope that they are able to get several more seasons of the show.

Your loyal patron.

Jon H., 2013-03-12, 12:19PM CDT

I have known Rick for many years and he has always been there to help. I have often been saddened that I have had to leave my friend of many years to go back to California and start making a living again. I have purchase real estate from Rick, bought Diamonds from Rick and many other odds and ends. And when I needed help he was there. I honestly miss spending time with him and his family, there are good people. When religious discourse arose over my religion, he stood up for me and fought for me against those who rather stone me and throw me out. He was not of my religion, but he understands the freedom, integrity and right to worship that this country is based on. I have had few friends in life, in fact less than I can count on one hand, Rick Bryant was one of those! Thank-you Jon

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