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Posted on Friday, November 14th, 2008 at 10:35am CST by a08625af

Company: Weather Shield

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I purchased a home which was built about 14 years ago. The developer used WeatherShield windows in most of the homes. I bought my home a year ago and recently had one of thier "Certified" Dealers repair several of the windows at ? price under the warranty. Or so I though. I came to find out from a Weather Shield Customer Service rep that he over charged me $40 per window. I spent around $2000 to have some replaced and jam liners replaced in others.

Over all I am completely dissatisfied with the quality of thier windows as well as the ORIGINAL install, which according to the "certified" service people who completed the repairs was also done by a "Certified" weather shield dealer. Before they removed the jam liners on the windows in question, you could stick your finger through the opening between the liner and the window. We found out the reason for this was that the installer never used foam to back the liner. To cut his costs he used News paper which was completely rotted away.

This terrible install has led me to replace a total of 7 windows so far and have another 10 for a total of 17 out of 22 with broken seals. That??s about 80% of the homes total windows failing.

From what the neighbors have told me this is par for the course for this subdivision with respect to Weather Shields product.

I explained all of this to a Weather Shield Representative. She understood and sent me a letter indicating that I could order "no charge replacement glass". I explained that I needed to wait a while to save up for the install costs and she said I could order when I was ready. I tired to take advantage of this about a year later. The new customer service person indicated that the offer would be honored and that I needed to go through one of their other "certified" installers. I paid this guy a nonrefundable service fee of $80.00 to spend 30 mn in my house measuring the effected windows. 2 months go by with no word from him at all. I call him to check on the progress only to find out that Weather Shield has decided not to honor thier offer. He nor weather shield ever bothered to contact me regarding this. They have come back now with excuses and said that 1)they didnt know that I wasnt the original owner even though I spelled it out in the 3rd sentence of my original complaint letter, 2) The windows are actually 5 years older then the house! I asked what that had to do with it and again pointed the finger at thier "certified" ornginal installer. To which they replied,"we have no control over our installers"?

To summarise, to become a "certified" Weather Shield rep, I think you only need to agree to carry their product and then Weather Shield can claim absolutely 0 control as to the performance or practices of these individuals.

Weather Shield spells out in their mission statement their high level of quality and service.

Are These are simply words on a page?


f6ea7215, 2009-06-29, 12:53PM CDT

As a Weather Shield dealer for 20 years, I can tell you that the window comes with the foam behind the jamb liner. If that was not there, my guess is that the painter took the liner out to paint and they were inadvertently thrown away. This as well as hardware losses happen often. This is not a defect from the manufacturer who I've had the best service from of all wood window companies I've sold. It is a cover up by the painter or builder who tried to fix it without having to come out of pocket. It is unfair to blame a great company for something they have no control over.

252b3bcf, 2010-06-24, 06:36PM CDT

Call the owners and other top executives of Weather Shield

Kevin Schield 715-360-6408

Mark Schield 715-360-6671

Chris Schield 715-693-8538

Jay Lodholz (director of service) 715-965-4662

John Anderson (national sales manager) 715-6305140

Brandon Brunner (corporate counsel) 715-965-2911

Dean Reilly (service manager) 715-965-3801

Darla Weber (quality manager) ????????????

Bob Eckert (director of customer service) 715-560-0775

Jeff KIBLER (marketing manager) 715-630-6369

Ron Modrzynski (door plant manager) 715-965-4449

Pat Henrichs (glass plant manager) 715-965-2897

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