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Posted on Friday, November 14th, 2008 at 7:02am CST by a206cdc4

Product: Serta A Perfect Night Pillow-Top Mattress

Company: Serta Canada

Location: Serta International Customer Service Department 3 Golf Centre #392
Hoffman Estates, IL, 60169, US


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I purchased a Serta Perfect Night Sleep Set three years ago. We had just moved into a new house and wanted to buy the best mattress we could afford, so purchased this set which was $2800.

Approximately 5-6 months later we noticed that there were divets in the mattress in the spots where my husband and I sleep. We called the company where we purchased it from and they told us that we needed to flip it (it is a pillow top!) and it should be fine.

We became frustrated at the one year mark as the divets were now starting to bother my back so we contacted the company we purchased the set from again. It took them 5 months to give us an answer and essentially they told us to give them our original sales receipt. As we were in the middle of a move I could not locate it and they said they could not help us even though we had been complaining from the beginning. They also said they didn't keep track of any records themselves and could not initiate an "investigation" without it.

A few months ago I came across the receipt (and to my surprise there is a 10 year warranty on the mattress) and so contacted Serta directly.

They sent a technician out to look at the mattress. He even noted when he was at the house that it should not look like it is in the shape it is in. At this point, neither my husband nor I are able to sleep in the bed as the indentations are so large that once we roll into them we cannot roll out without sitting up and pushing ourselves out of bed. Both of us have spent the last 2 years at least with back aches, headaches as well as sleep deprivation due to this defective mattress.

He sent a report in and we received a letter in the mail the following week from Serta informing us that they were voiding our warranty (even though the mattress was and is defective!) because there were sweat stains on my husband's side of the bed.

We called the customer "care" line and explained that it is virtually impossible not to have some discolouration on a mattress when you sleep on it (even though we use a mattress pad...sorry, my husband is a sweat!) We tried to explain to the service agent, who by the way did not treat us with "care", that that issue has NOTHING to do with the prominent defects with their product.

We weren't even looking for full compensation, what we wanted was for some recognition that there was a problem with the mattress they made and for them to take some responsibility for this and make some allotments towards us getting a new mattress.

Not only did they refuse to even listen to us, but they flat out refused to even acknowledge the REAL issue...they jsut kept focusing on the "void" warrantly. I'm sorry, but as a consumer, when you purchase something and it then becomes DEFECTIVE during the course of the warranty period, there is an expectation that you were using the product and that it is going to look that way...I mean geez, what are you supposed to do, not SLEEP on a mattress unless you wrap it in $400 worth of saran wrap!!

As far as I'm concerned, it's just an excuse for Serta to get out of replacing their defective product.

It's sad because I was so excited about getting a new mattress and now I'm not even able to sleep on it without being in pain. The product was new, it was expensive and at the time we were told that it was the best mattress the store sold, so we purchased it.

My experience with Serta has not only been unsatisfactory, but disappointing. In this day and age when there is so much competition, a company should stand behind their product. Furthermore, if they cannot stand behind their company philosophy of "our customers are our most valuable asset", then I'm not sure why they are in business. They couldn't even produce a mattress that we could sleep on and didn't care about it's quality or their customers.

At this point, I've been telling everyone who is buying a mattress to stay away from Serta as they don't stand behind their products and they forget you are still a customer after you hand over your money.


54393ef5, 2009-02-09, 12:26PM CST

Interesting, I experienced almost the same thing. My son purchased a serta mattress for me and after about 5 months it was lopsided. The area where I generally sleep was so bad that I almost fell out of bed. Well, I flipped the mattress and in another 3 months the same thing happened. I am an elderly woman and I weigh 110 pounds. I called the company and the said they could not help me if I couldn't find a receipt. Unfortunately, my son lost the receipt after several months. I asked them why I could not give them the manufacturer number and they could check the date and the store it was sold to, but they seemed more happy telling me what they could not do instead of trying to help me. This is not customer service! After doing some research I discovered that Serta , like most companies has sold out. They now manufacture the mattresses in China. No wonder the quality has changed. I did some research and found that cozypure mattresses are made here in the USA and it appears to be a quality product. It is made from organic materials and with no harmful chemicals. I learned my lesson and now will look to make sure the products I buy are made here in the U.S. Serta is a big company that could care less about your satisfaction. There is a site that gives a list of products made here in the U.S. I've had it with big conglomerates giving us inferior Chinese products. Buyer beware!!!!

9356461f, 2012-05-01, 08:56AM CDT

am writing on behalf of an elderly couple who have been faithfull customers of yours over the years at your Sudbury, Ontario store.

Over the past years they have bought most of their furniture, appliances, TV's etc... at your store in Sudbury, Ontario.

They last purchased a mattress and frame there.

They paid a very high price for the mattress as their sleep is very important as it is for all.

After little time, the mattress showed signs of a defect which caused the mattress to sink in where they slept. As you may suspect, their quality of comfort and sleep is negatively affected.

They complained about this to your store in Sudbury where they bought it.

A gentleman came to their home to inspect the mattress and used a yard stick of some sort to lay on the mattress to asses the problem.

This man came to the conclusion that things were fine.

How can he come to this conclusion when it is visibly apparent to the eye that the mattress sinks where they lay on it?

They paid 2 040$ for it. You would expect this to be of better quality.

Here is the information that I found on the materess:

Reg # 0255403


other #'s found



reg #02T0255403

08001 Mi 775871

Full Mat 1S


Reawaken Firm


I cannot stress enough how disappointed these people are about how they were treated after being such loyal cutomers of yours.

It would be right that you rectify this problem to their satisfaction

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