Posted on Friday, November 14th, 2008 at 11:25am CST by bbf7cb41

Product: GE front loader washing machine

Company: General Electric

Location: 3135 Eastern Turnpike
Fairfield, CT, 06828, US


Category: Other

I purchased a GE front loader washer and dryer on 8/4/06. Since purchaing these units I have had repair men out numerous times, at least 10 times for issues with the washer. There is a strong oder of MOLD resinating from the washing machine. My clothes smell horrible and it's an embarrasement when people come over and inquire "What is that smell???"

I have had the repair men to my home neumerous times and was continously told the same thing... Clean your washer. Well, I clean my washer MORE than my clothes yet, the washer and my clothes continue to smell like MOLD! The last time few times they came out, I called them not only for the smell but for a different problem.

I had contacted them about my washer not spining all the water from the clothes, they sent a repair man out again. They replaced the tub because it was warped and the electrical components for the settings , Wayne, the GE repair man stated, in regards to the smell, "This is the problem right here," I stood over the replair mans shoulder and what I saw was a HUGE amount of black mold in the covering back of the drum, he stated I had legitmate gripe, however, he would not document it and refused to clean the black mold and Mike, (his partner) left the MOLD in the plastic basket that holds the tub and proceded to reassemble the unit and left.

I feel that GE has fraudently sold me and other consumers a so called "energy efficient" that is not anywhere near energy efficent when I have to run the unit with nothing in it on a regular basis according to the representatives at GE Corporation to clean the tub and 'other' components.

At my expense, they, GE Corporation, wants me to purchase bleach and chemicals, use my electricity and water to run through the unit to "mask" the smell, (THEIR WORDS), how is this efficient and saving energy?

However, the kicker? It doesn't do a blasted thing to correct the issue, only drain my pocket book! I am tired of GE ignoring this issue and continues to tell me there is nothing they can do, they don't cover smell and mold, how convienent considering that many others have the same issues, this issue in my opinion is a manufacture defect and therefore should be the responsibilty of the manufacturer.

I've been sold a bill of goods due to their engineering flaw design, and I am told I have to swallow it. I don't feel that I, or others should have to! I hope you can assist me and others who are experiencing this problem.

Recently, I started to do a little investgating to see if I'm the only one with this issue, I can assure you, I have found MANY people with this same issue. GE is the last place I'd shop again for appliances, their customer service and repair departments lack the ability to resolve issues to a customers satisfaction. They're in the wrong and we, the consumers, are left "hung out to dry!"


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