HP Compaq - Complain against HP COMPAQ PRESARIO.?.

Posted on Friday, November 14th, 2008 at 12:12pm CST by 86d2f8a2

Product: HP Compaq Presario CQ-45 - 112AU

Company: HP Compaq

Location: IN

URL: http://hp.com/

Category: Other

I have an issue where in HP COMPAQ company is not providing support. I need your help in order to have the issue sorted out and bring closure to it.

My Concern is described as below;

I have purchased a HP Compaq presario laptop for 37000/- INR and they have not shipped a Drivers, software & utility disk along with the laptop. After contacting them on their Tech support (Chargeable phone line no toll free) they told me that they cannot ship the disk as it is against their policy. They directed me to download drivers from their website on internet. I did that and found that the drivers are not working properly which I downloaded from their website. After informing them about all this, they buntly told me that they cannot do anything about this and if I want the drivers disk, I need to purchase Operating system disk from them. I already own an Operating system and there is absolutely no need for me to purchase a new operating system.

Please call me on 9426888894 or give me your phone number and I will explain you the issue very clearly on phone.


Thanks & Regards,

Kaushal Mistry.

Mobile: 94268 88894.


3e7c7bc9, 2009-06-13, 02:46AM CDT

This is really ridiculous that the company doesn't ship Device Drivers disk. Its really a pain installing drivers looking on internet here and there. How does the company expect that the user will be able to conect to the internet without those LAN drivers.

On another thought, I feel this can be treated as a great business opportunity as we can start training centres all across India and teach how to install HP drivers (sic), cos its so complicated and it requires you to do engineering in "HP Driver Installation" to be able to install drivers in any HP computers. I would rather advise people to go for HCL brand of computers which supply drivers CD along with the computer. Quality wise HP is not worth its price. HCL gives better performance.

This should be considered just as an opinion of one the HP users and is not with any intention to defame the company. But the truth is that its pain to install drivers in HP laptop and it should be obligatory and mandatory on part of the company to ship device drivers which helps the laptop run.

deaf3b40, 2009-10-23, 09:08AM CDT

Snap me too. My device drivers failed within one day of purchase. They want me to pay 79.95 for the disk and will not honour the 12 month warranty.

Their helpline keep referring me to PC World but I did not buy my PC there.


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