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Posted on Thursday, November 13th, 2008 at 11:19pm CST by cddfec0d

Product: Rip Off Report

Company: Xcentric Ventures, LLC.

Location: P O Box 470
Tempe, AZ, 85280, US

URL: http://www.ripoffreport.com/

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Rip Off Report/ Xcentric Ventures, LLC. Has no Legitamacy behind this website. As I am showing here anyone can post anything on the internet. The internet is not regulated by anyone anyone can make false or real claims on this site. And If it is found they are false claims Rip Off Reports will not even remove the postings. Rip Off Report does not tell people that post these notices can also be sued out of existance. Legimate People or companies can and will seek damages against people that post false claims against them. They do not warn these people and think people can post anything without repocusions for it. This site does more harm than good. And is a cusumer is not intelligent enough not to know the good and the bad they should not be fuctioning in society. This is called common Sense. Most people have things happen to them do to their own stupidity. Again this is Warning to Anyone who uses this sit. They do not verify any claims on thsi site someone can post they meet Aliens or is suing a UFO. This site has no relvancy and people that do not have a high IQ. Do not realist Internet is not regulated and anyone can make a website for anything. FOr all we know guy that has this site lives in a cardboard box. My advise is to use common sense if something does not make sense do not go with it. If anyone wanted to even with anyones good name. Go on the internet in a matter of hours make posting all over the internet and make false claims and no one verifys it. Someone can claim you are gay and you are not sigh you up for gay sights in your name even put you picture on a gay sight. Does that mean you are gay? This is just a example how the internet is also a hurful tool then just a useful tool. Just food for thought people use your brains. For one that do not have them then good luck should not be in society and be in a home.

J Man California



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We have the right to be free and say whatever we feel to be the truth. If any one feels that something is not true. This gives that person the right to fight back. This is our First Amendment. Some times we are not happy over what is said, but, this is when you fight back. the freedom of speech means a lot to people that need this right. He what that person is saying to be not true. That is when you strick back with everything you to prove your side. I am sorry, this is a very good right that we have.

c6c632a4, 2012-04-29, 07:10PM CDT


If you are willing, would you please make your visitors aware of our attempt to organize victims of RipOffReport.com in order to put enough pressure on Google, Yahoo and other search engines to completely de-index RipOffReport.com from search results. Although Ed Magedson is a heartless opportunist, if it weren't for the search engines he would be irrelevant to the rest of the world.





I recently filed a lawsuit against both Google and RipOffReport.com for civil conspiracy. If you download my lawsuit complaint as filed, you can read my theories on what I call the ??humiliation algorithm??. In a nutshell, Google, by elevating RipOffReport.com results on any given search, repulses users of the search engine from the organization that there were looking for, thus causing them to click on GOOGLE AdWords? thus driving revenue from the ad click through at the expense of the business injured because of RipOffReport.com. Naturally, if the user clicks on the ripoff report link there is a 2nd bite at the cherry for Google because RipOffReport.com also distributes GOOGLE AdWords?.

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Thank you in advance,

Michael Roberts.


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