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Posted on Thursday, November 13th, 2008 at 8:10pm CST by e3f825bf

Product: extreme Acai Berry

Company: Fullfillment

Location: 4650 SW 51st st Bay 711
Davies, Fl, 33314, US

URL: http://www.fullfillment.com/

Category: Other

I placed a internet order for a trial sample of Acai Berry on November 4th. I had 14 days to try it, decline any future orders or continue to recieve a future order. I recieved my sample on November 7th and on November 11th my checking account was charged 89.00. When I called the number attached to the charge on my checking account, I was told the first time that my 14 day trial was up and that my order was recieved on Oct 20th. When I got upset and told her I did not place a order on oct 20th she diconnected me. On my second attempt the girl I spoke to told me it was non-refundable. When i told her they could not run a 14 day trial and then say its not refundable, she too hung up on me. After several attemts after that, I was disconnected each time I asked for a supervisor. My last attempt on Nov 12th, I spoke to a girl that said they would refund my money once I called them back with a tracking number,for returning the product. Not only did this company falsely charge my account but in doing so over drew my account, which I was charged with 85.00 in NSF fees. When i called again I was able to talk to a floor supervisor and in explaining to him that I did not place this order on Oct 20th, he said I did as that is what his computer said. I told him I had bank statements that could back up my claim of not ordering until Nov 4th and he then went on to tell me that would not be accurate as the dates would be off. When i assured him that in todays world of modern technolgy, the dates would be within a day or two of the order, not two weeks. After a heated conversation with him, I choose to hang up and decided to do find the orginal enevelope i recieved the sample in. I found it and the ship date is for Nov.5th the day after I placed the order. So I called the company back again, and spoke to a girl named Racheal and asked her if they had a corporate office and she said yes and I asked for the number and she then told me she was not allowed to give that number out. So I then asked her did they package and send products from their location or did they take them to UPS to mail. She told me they took them to UPS. When I asked her why the package I recieved was dated nov 5th if they are telling me I ordered on Oct 20th, she replied they have no control over the packages once they take them to UPS.

NOW here is the clencher, this is not the company I ordered this product from, I ordered it from Supreme Blends.

I do not know how Fullfillment got my info, but they are falsly taking money and shipping a orders that were not placed through them.

Be aware, Websites are monitored by more than one company and not all information is private.

I am still not sure how they got my information but I know this is not the company that I placed the order with. I recieved the order with a reciept for what I ordered!

If anyone else has had this type of problem, please contact me [email protected]

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62ee4307, 2009-02-13, 09:57AM CST

In November 2008, I ordered a sample of the AcaiBerry Melt Away Tablets, proclaimed to be a valid product, supposedly by Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray and was even featured on Good Morning America! When I recieved the product, from a company called "Global Pharmacy" I was completely unimpressed as they do not resemble the smell or taste of acai berries at all, and further, they are more like candy. The bottle has no nutritional information listed either. I naturally had no interest in persuing this any further. Until today, nearly three months later, I recieved a package in the mail from "Fullfillment" with another bottle of acai berry candy pills in the mail. I laughed, and tossed it aside, then decided to call my bank to be sure I wasnt charged an absorbanent amount for this joke. I was charged nearly $90!!! I called the number on the package 877-350-8480 and they told me that they cannot refund the money, but will cancel the account. "What account? I never established an account with you! I have never heard of your company, and did not authorize you to use my credit card!" The woman claimed to have no supervisor available for me to speak with and just kept apoligizing. When I called my bank again, they gave me the number to the Global Pharmacy. When I called that number, 866-219-6365, the same woman answered! I asked her the name of the company and she said that she cannmot disclose that information! I told her she should be ashamed for scamming fellow american people in these hard times and told her that this is not over! Which is why I am posting here and everywhere else about this scam! And contacting the better business bureau, as anyone else with this experience should as well!

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