Vermont Castings - Vermont Castings Woodstove Problems

Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 at 10:46am CST by aa7ac9e9

Product: Defiant Woodstove

Company: Vermont Castings

Location: US


Category: Other

New stove. Wanted best, most efficient stove I could buy. DID NOT GET IT! Could not control draft properly. Draft door would not close properly. Hinge pin crooked. I repaired, took all day. Air leaks near legs allowed water to pour out from moist wood, stained stone on floor. After several firings, developed multiple air leaks. (Never over fired) Porcelin chips eaisly even with care. Can not get Vermont Castings on phone, or even find phone number. Dealer not that helpful. Very dissatisfied! Wish I had never bought it! Neighbor has Encore model, took 5 weeks to get part. He is sorry he bought his too. I SOLD MINE! Lost money on it! Bought a NAPOLEAN model 1900 made by Wolf Steel in Canada. WORKS GREAT, MUCH MUCH easier to fire! Nearly as efficient. (FORGET CATALITYC & cast iron) NO PROBLEMS SO FAR. LOVE THE NAPOLEAN!


bada0992, 2011-03-04, 01:14PM CST

We Bought a V/C encore the new model cat/noncat.The worst $2,500.00 we ever spent.The dealer is terrible I think he wonted to hit me.As you said V/C is a shadow The northeast dist.rep. is nice enough but he also has done nothing.The stove is advertised as the most efficient cleanest wood stove on the market.It is supposed to burn for 9-12hr. depending on cat in or out.We only get 4-4.5 hrs. I have owned older V/C stoves ,Chubby coal stove and a yotel. It ain't my first rodeo.I will never buy another V/C or any other Monssen Hearth Sys. products, They are useless also.Stay away from the fireplace store in Plymouth,Mass.We have been trying to get this corrected since mid Dec. 2011

cd250d16, 2011-04-17, 08:55AM CDT

I have also purchased a Defiant January of this year. Have had numerous problems air leaks and the inability to control the fire. Then just recently we moved the stove and both back legs broke off. I have contacted V/C and they stated the leg castings are not covered under warranty, that once the stove is in place it should never be moved because the legs are not manufactured to take any stress from moving the stove. This stove weighs over 800 pounds and V/C says that the only way to move it is to lift it straight up and not put any weight on the legs. I now have a $2500.00 stove laying in my living room on its back waiting for legs that I had to purchase because V/C will not stand up to their warranty.

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