Autohouse Honda - Unpleasant visit at Autohouse Honda dealership in Sarnia, Ontario

Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 at 9:24pm CST by f597ea94

Product: Honda Canada dealership

Company: Autohouse Honda

Location: 755 Confederation Street
Sarnia, On, N7T 1M8, CA

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To auto shoppers,

I would like to share my very unpleasant visit at Autohouse Honda in Sarnia today.

Long story short, the sales manager agreed to a selling price for one of their pre-owned vehicles last night and then backed out of it.

I had visited the dealership last night to discuss final purchase pricing on a pre-owned vehicle. I had asked for "out the door" price with a trade-in and without a trade in. Both the sales manager and finance manager were present during our negotiations. At the end of the night, we agreed on a purchase price for each of two scenerios. One with a trade-in and one without. I promised to discuss with my family and let them know this morning which route I would take.

I called this morning and said I would purchase the car straight out without a trade-in for the price we had agreed on. To my surprise the sales manager said he was not able to give me the price we had agreed on last night, and offered to sell the vehicle at a cost that was $616.28 above the price we agreed on. I was very upset at this and immediately asked for my deposit back.

I am disappointed that a sales manager from a company like Honda would not keep their word. There is absolutely no excuse since I am positive the finance manager can back me up on the agreed upon price as he was very surprised at the deal that the sales manager had given me last night.

Furthermore, I am surprised at the fact that the sales manager values $616.28 more than their reputation and a happy customer who would bring back sales and service business to his company in the future. Not to mention the potential business from my friends and family. Would you deal with a company that runs their business like this?

$616.28 is not a lot of money, considering the total cost of $25k for the vehicle. What the sales manager is lacking is integrity, honesty and professionalism. All of which I feel is important for any business.

Keep in mind that Sarnia is not a big city and word will get around. I will never be a customer of Autohouse Honda and will share my disappointing experience with anyone I come across that plans to visit that dealership.

Disappointed consumer,

Cam Ho


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