Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 at 5:25pm CST by 9fabf724

Product: Harley Davidson Street Bob 1450cc

Company: Harley Davidson

Location: Milwaukee, WI, 53208, US

URL: http://www.harley-davidson.com/

Category: Other

I would like to formally complain about your customer service representative at 414 343 4956 named Cindy who wouldnt give me her last name. On 11/12/08 in the late morning I called up because I had a complaint about Oakdale, NY Harley Davidson. She was very rude, argumentative, and the worst representative I have ever dealt with in over 40 years on this earth and 23 years in the United States Military.

I own a 2006 Harley Davidson Street Bob Dyna. I was told the troubles I was experiencing with the False Neutral Light coming on and the engine or gears down shifting dangerously losing power was a recalled issue by Harley Davidson. I was driving it recently and the False Neutral Light came on and the engine went into neutral and refused to drive and I looked down and the 5 bolts that go into the rear tire sprocket were completely sheared off and the belt off as well. IF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED AT HIGH SPEEDS HARLEY DAVIDSON WOULD DEFINITELY BE SUED AND BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES! I had to get my cycle towed via Progressive Insurance.

I called up Oakdale NY Harley and spoke to Justin who stated he could not give me a tentative approval to have my cycle covered by warranty! He denied my request. I explained I was in there last year 11/12/07 and had called numerous times and everyone claimed my cycle wasnt a recalled Vin number WHICH IS LUDICROUS!!! They claimed to test driven it and it didn't occur!! NO SHIT!!! This is an intermittent problem and they should have replaced the parts which are on the Harley recall list to play it safe!!! Justin should have been courteous to arrange for this but claimed he could not! Obviously they aren't safe or bright individuals!!! I am sure someone DROPPED the ball and failed to enter my Vin number and many others into the computer. They had claimed mine missed by a few months which is BS!!! At the time I had spoken to Jim and Steve in the past and Justin verified this in his computer system. I had around 9,000 plus miles on it then and now a year later only have 11,000 plus. THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON THE SAME PROBLEM I HAD THEN GOT WORSE NOW AND RESULTED IN 5 BOLTS COMING OFF AND ME NEARLY DYING! I refuse to bring it there seeing they will probably rip me off and charge me a massive amount of money unless I have prior authorization or someone come and see it where it sits? Unless I can receive some reassurance unlike I have received in the past with Harley and its poor representatives I am not towing it or bringing it there anymore!! On my 2005 Sportster they failed to tell me about a air filter replacement of which I had to hear from a third party and insisted they change and after much arguments they finally changed it!!! Very poor service at Oakdale NY Harley!!!

When I called and spoke to a very rude and unprofessional Cindy she denied this was the case and became very defensive and rudely arrogant claiming I dont know what I am talking about. This was why I advised her she didnt know what she was talking about, then she decided to say I was being rude to her after she clearly initiated the rude and poor customer service towards me a good paying customer and military veteran who has been protecting her sorry self for 23 years!

I then requested to speak to her Supervisor and she refused again wrongfully and violated my rights and privileges as a citizen and good paying Harley customer and owner of over 4 Harleys as well as 23 year Combat Military Veteran! I have always promoted Harley Davidson and all I get is LIES, MISLEADING INFORMATION, and NONSENSE from all of its derelict representatives! She denied me nearly dying and crashing on my Harley was true etc.What a disgrace she is to put it lightly!!!

Nevertheless, my cycle is not running with damaged internal parts perhaps, rear sprocket, hub etc.. I am requesting an INTELLIGENT Harley representative contact me without any delays and explain to me what professional corrective action will be taken to fix and repair this matter without any delays. If you fail to properly handle my complaint, I will be forced to contact every complaint agency on earth and take Harley Davidson Inc. to small claims court to compensate me for all repairs I have to make!

Please forward this complaint to your Corporate officers and respond to me via my cell phone immediately xxx xxx xxxx on what action Harley will take to repair all these screw ups and rude personnel!?

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ddf8cbfd, 2009-01-15, 11:35PM CST

Problem with HD is that it has lost its connection to the people that support it. I recently purchased a 08 Ultra Classic 105 Anniv Ed. The problem with my bike is that I have ridden it 1 time and it BROKE DOWN and required a tow. This is not even the main problem. I was lucky enough to break down at a HD dealer. They repaired my bike and I was on my way again. I reached my destination and parked and stored the bike. I am with the military, so I left again for Iraq. Upon my return, I find that my bike is covered in RUST!!! This bike was stored in a dry facility. What is up with this? It was parked beside a Yamaha which is fine. I contacted my dealer who forwarded my inquiry to their sales rep. The sales rep. responded with we do not cover rust on our warranties. I tried to call customer service and they said same thing. I understand that due to neglect this could be an issue. My problem is, this is a brand new bike. It has not been in any inclement weather, has not been exposed to any chemicals (at least not by me), it was stored in a dry facility during my deployment, and now I cannot get any service from HD in regards to rust on a brand new bike.

I also spoke with Cindy in regards to this. She was not rude on this particular instance, but still refused to pass me off to a higher position for further clarification. She also stated that any damages to the bike were due to MY NEGLECT. I asked if riding the bike constituted neglect? No sir, but proper maintenance is required. I agree, but a new bike when not exposed to the elements or chemicals or abrasives should not rust.

Buyer beware - Purchase a bike and set out on a 650 mile trip, it breaks down at approx half way point, and rusts when it reaches it destination...this is the most expensive trip I have ever taken.

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