timtechs - Cell Phone rip offs

Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 at 3:35pm CST by cb053d29

Product: Samsung cell phone

Company: timtechs

Location: TIMTECHS REPAIR CENTER RMA 1132 408 12th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118
San Francisco, CA, 94118, US

URL: http://www.timtechs.com/

Category: Other

In May 2008, my son purchased a cell phone from the a/n company for approx. $160 USD. It worked for less than 30 days and then shut down the service provider and locked itself. I contacted Timtechs who advised that as the 15 days were past there was nothing they could do. I then explained that less than 30 days of use was unreasonable and it looked like the phone just locked itself. I contacted the manufactuer and was advised that this particular phone was made for the Asian Market not the North American market therefore they couldn't touch it. I contacted the company directly by phone and was advised that if I courriered the phone immediately they would repair it for nothing. This was after I made several complaints to the company. I then paid an additional $70 to get it to the company within their deadline. I then waited four months, contacting them every few weeks to be told that the phone was in China get unlocked. I then called the company directly and said I wanted a result before the end of the week as this had gone on too long. Today they sent me an email stating that the problem with the phone was determined to be due to usage and therefore the only thing they would do was to credit me $20 on my next purchase. AS IF! Please make sure this company is added to any lists you have of disreputable sites so no one else has to learn this expensive lesson.


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