BOFA Bad Banking Broke and Cheated me

Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 at 6:06pm CST by dcd66988

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Bank of America is my mortgage company and they were repeatedly late on my property taxes. The fees are up to almost $250. They delayed payment, they sent a bad check to the accessor and I am left with the bill. I faxed and mailed them repeatedly and they ingore me! This has been going on for well over a year! Also I increased my payments to pay off my home in 20years and they wrote me saying they updated my records but failed to update the maturity date to 20year and left it at 30years. When I wanted to decrease my payments back to the 30years they claimed that my 20year weekly payment was my 30year even though it is $400 over my original escrow agreement. I am frustrated and don't know what to do! Please help!

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528bb822, 2010-04-21, 05:36PM CDT

Countrywide now Bank of America is definitely anti-America. Theyre not doing the required homeloans because of the origination fees they make off the refinance loans for the loans they should never have put us into in the first place.

Sheryl Christensen, can you spell MORTGAGE FRAUD? Sure you can. The one with the 30-year Federal felony and $1 million fine per occurrence. Remember me Sheryl? The one your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies referred to you. The one that did three purchases with you from Spring 2003 to Fall 2005 for a total of six loans. The one that you created that first rental agreement for the house I was selling through your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies. You were then with Wells Fargo on Kietzke Lane across from Lowes. You told me that your manager, James Elvick had told you to do that when the underwriter conditioned for either the sale of that house or a rental contract of that house. It was faster for you to create that rental contract than it was then to sell the house. I had never been a landlord nor did I have any intention of ever becoming one. Your rental contract worked. I moved into my new home. I never did rent my previous home as your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies listed it the morning after close of escrow on my new home. A bit of a financial hardship for me making both payments, but the market was starting to heat up and it sold in six months. You put me on that 100% 80 Heloc-20 Heloc that you sold me on that I could just write a check out of as the property appreciated. Use my home as a checking account you extolled. Im sure now Wells Fargo was paying you a bonus to push that product. You sure quickly glossed over the details about that product. I naively made the mistake of assuming that what you told me was the same as what was in that paperwork in very small print that you mailed to me. The Sheryl mouth giveth and the small print taketh. I didnt know until much later that your 100% 80 Heloc-20 Heloc was a bullet to my head.

Then your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies told me I should buy another property and flip it for a quick buck. I had zero cash but your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies told me Sherylll show you how to do it. Sheryl certainly did. Sheryl, the Pusher, created another rental contract on my home and put on the loan I was moving into the new property. Again, I had no intention of being a landlord, and in this case, of moving. That property was flipped, but the next year during tax filing, after all the loan fees to you, the real estate commissions buying and selling, the income tax prep fees, and the capital gains taxes since the loan paperwork had it as an owner occupant which wasnt exempt since Id just taken the exemption on my other home, since my tax preparer wisely disclosed to me what tax fraud is, its consequences and that she wasnt participating in it, Id made a grand net profit of minus $9,872. At the time though, I hadnt yet learned all that. Or that the only ones that made money off that deal was you and your fellow Pusher Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies. In fact, it turned out, you and your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies made a lot of money of that deal. In stocks, what you and your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies were doing is known as churning. The deal was done for your benefit, not mine. I still didnt yet know that though.

So you and your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies had me do another one exactly like the previous one. But the market, unknown to me, had peaked and was collapsing. No flipping in that market. I lost that house in foreclosure soon after my tax preparer broke all the bad news to me of what you and your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies had aggressively tricked me into.

My tax preparer also broke more bad news. The IRS is one of the few hiring. The IRS is hiring

So the IRS can go back and audit loan files such as yours. The IRS is looking for declarations of rental status then matching that up to the borrowers income tax returns. No rental income tax income declared and the IRS hauls the borrower in for an audit. In my case, there was no rental income, but my tax preparer says I wont be believed since my loan documents, with my signature, say different. My six Deed of Trusts recorded at the Washoe County Recorders Office clearly has owner occupant on all those turns out were fraudulent loans you did for me. So Ill be assessed taxes and penalties for rental income that I never received on three properties. I may even be facing criminal charges. My recourse will then be to sue you and Wells Fargo and Countrywide and your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies and Ferrari-Lund Real Estate for the MORTGAGE FRAUD I didnt know then you and they then were doing. MORTGAGE FRAUD, you know, that creating and/or providing false information to a lender. Which I have since learned is also an NRS 645 violation for Ferrari-Lund Real Estate.

My tax preparer is convinced once the IRS gets to me Im screwed. Im not going down alone. I hear the FBI and Nevada AG is also hiring to go after the MORTGAGE FRAUDSTERS. If the IRS comes after me, Im going to the FBI and Nevada AG and telling them everything. I know youll then say to them what you said to me, that your manager, James Elvick had told you to create a rental contract when the underwriter conditioned for either the sale of that house or a rental contract of that house. Elvick will of course deny he said that. Ill have your loan records and Ferrari-Lunds real estate records subpoenaed and since you and/or your Ferrari-Lund Real Estate buddies created the false rental contracts, theyre not in my handwriting.

My home? Well, I finally met an honest loan officer and she, a veteran herself, refinanced me into the loan you really didnt want to do for me, my 30 year fixed VA loan.


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