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Posted on Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 at 3:00am CST by 86539419

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Why this nightmare?.

This is my story of my Qatar Airways flight QR20 & QR232

My day started routinely as a frequent flyer in the friendly skies of the world. I didn't expect much to be different but Qatar air surprised me! With a series of unexpected, ridicules & even slightly humorous events.

I innocently booked my flight from Paris to New Delhi on after a long & hard stretch of time doing my work of research, collecting data, photos one of a kind artifacts and more.

I was relieved to go back to India & looked forward to taking my business to the next level .

The material I collected was quite significant.

Boarding the plane was, as usual?. had some food an orange juice & by the way I asked

The flight attendant about the size of the airport since I was told that I only have 20 minutes to board my connecting flight. The attendant was nice & graciously replied that the airport is very small & it doesn't take more then 5 minutes to all around the place?. needless to say there should be no need to worry of being late to a connecting flight.

Now the surprises start.

As we debark the aircraft I found that a bus was needed to reach the connecting flight counter this took approximately 20 minutes. When I reached the departure section of the airport some airport official had said to me that my flight has already left & that I should book a hotel room for the night. Heading over to the Qatar airways counter to book my hotel for the night

& after a 10 minute wait on the queue I was told by the lady at the counter that I could still catch my flight. So I ran. But there was not all that time & my flight had been supposedly missed.

I went back to the counter & got my hotel.

There I was also surprised when they offered me limited service with limited meals on coupons I was surprised because this was supposed to be a 5 star hotel not a motel?

The next day I went back to the airport to catch my flight to Delhi but surprisingly there was no sign or board Indicating service for my flight.

I went to a Qatar air ways official to ask where my counter is. I then had to run to that counter and check in my bag. The guy at the counter a French specking Tunisian and the manager helping me was from India. They both helped me run to the airplane and check in my one bag that I carried by hand , I carried it by hand because it contained allot of valuables, But because it was a heavy they politely asked me to check in the bag and I did ?at the same time I asked for a bag tag which they nicely said was not needed because my port of departure was Paris ( one bag was checked in Paris).

Before boarding the plane I was again surprisingly stopped for 15 minutes because they had issued my boarding card to someone else, further delaying, frustrating me and surprising me.

When I had finally reached Delhi I came to discover that my valuable bag was lost. I then asked the staff about the whereabouts of my bag. I was asked to fill a form along with a group of other people who have fallen on the same ill fate. From that time I was forced to stay in Delhi?.in the scorching heat & devastating pollution in hopes of getting my precious bag back I had made countless phone calls with no conclusion on returning my lost bag.. My whole holyday and business affairs have been ruined by this unfortunate event not to mention my health in the Delhi heat.

The people in Qatar airways were very rude & unhelpful hanging up on me and surprising me with their rude behavior over & over & over again. At one point they had even called me to say that my bag had been recovered & that I can come to claim it. 10 minutes later it was confirmed as a false alarm and no bag has been found?.did they play a joke? Maybe. At this point my trust in Qatar has failed . They have even sent me a claim form to fill which was not even PDF or any type of fill able form, laughably it was just a jpeg photo of a form. Maybe they are playing a joke after all.

They had made it so impossibly hard for me to claim my lost bag that at this point I am turning to you the reader of my Qatar Airways nightmare.

Believe it or not the surprises keep coming from

Qatar & the story does go on ? be continued??..

Thank you so much for reading my story please pass it on & if you fell to the same ludicrous fate by a major airline who thinks they can get away with mistreating & humiliating their costumers after they get their air fare & our bags checked in ?????we should prove them wrong by voicing or experience & demanding our rightful compensation for our material losses as well as the peace of mind lost in the time that was wasted dealing with them.

I have also included a forum for all of us gather on & fight back for our rights?together.

There will soon be a free email service on this site , a chatting service, & more.


e07e2b17, 2009-09-28, 06:54AM CDT

I do agree with you. This airline does not deserve to be five start air line. I found my self that airport staff of Qatar Dullas airport is very rude and un-professional. They need more training in Customer services. I will not fly to this airline again

303232e8, 2010-01-14, 01:54PM CST

Bumped us off our connecting flight porbably bcoz of overbooking and staff was extremely rude, didn't have the basic decency to inform, just send us to another queue, with providing any info on request. Service on the plane itself was ok. But the overall service received by Qatar Airways has been a bad experience for me and will not fly Qatar Airways again.

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