Posted on Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 at 8:52am CST by 0ad72c69

Product: Target Shopping cart hit my car

Company: Target

Location: Palatine, IL
Palatine, IL, US

Category: Other

I have a problem and I do not know what to doIt is simple but I am very sure that this problem happens every day to people and nothing is being done about it. Target Corporation is refusing to pay me damages for my car. The parking lot was a mess with shopping carts the outside metal racks were filled to capacity. A shopping cart attacked my car and the metal part of the car hit my car which caused $1088 worth of damage. The insurance company laughed at me Target management cannot and will not help me. Now Target management told me to stop calling them and I am not allowed to go to their stores. I tried to contact district but they hang up on me. I am not a criminal but being treated like one. I have a police report I have a store report and no one wants to help me. I can claim it through my insurance but I have a deductible t hat I am not sure how I can afford to payworking full time and going to school full time I am suffering.

These corporations make decisions on a persons faith without sound judgment. I believe my character has been destroyed just because I am hard working taxpaying American. I want justice I want my money to fix my car.

I am including supporting documentation via attachement for you to see all the measurements I have taken.

Please help me give me the chance to have others hear my storey.


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