O'Reillys Auto Parts - O'Reillys Auto Parts Scam

Posted on Friday, May 9th, 2008 at 8:09pm CDT by 1b3dce48

Company: O'Reillys Auto Parts

Location: Springfield, Mo, 65801, US

Category: Other

BE VERY CAREFUL conducting business with O'Reilly Auto Parts. Look close at their return policy. If you use a credit OR debit card and need to return a defective part, they will only credit the ORIGINAL card. This means if you change bank accounts or credit cards, you will be stuck holding the defective part. This policy is an outrage. They are ripping people off. Go check it for yourself on their web-site. I have wrote a letter to O'Reillys and will see just how committed they are to customer service.

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9031d96b, 2011-12-30, 12:10PM CST

O'Reilly's policy is pretty good:


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