Express Scripts, Inc. - Don't work at Express Scripts, Inc.

Posted on Thursday, May 8th, 2008 at 2:45pm CDT by f3ed6d40

Product: pharmacy

Company: Express Scripts, Inc.

Location: 7909 S. Hardy Dr. Tempe, AZ 85284
Tempe, AZ, 85284, US


Category: Other

This place sucks to work at. The first week I started working there was when they started giving me trouble. I was invited by the lead supervisor to make suggestions to improve productivity. I thought I was qualified as I had just come there from Caremark after their Dec. layoff. I typed up a page of suggestions like a proposal. I was hoping to get a raise if something I suggested was implemented, saving the company money. They only started me at $10/hr. I turned it in. A week later, the shipping supervisor, a b**** named Mryna, pulled me into her office. Instead of taking it as constructive, she took the entire typed page as an insult to her company. She told me I had a bad attitude. She put me down so bad I cried on the spot. I went on with work hoping to avoid trouble. Things were ok for awhile. Then two months later, I was pulled into the office again. Another supervisor had always been flirting with me and I ignored him. This guy flirts with every girl there. He had told the shipping supervisor that he had seen me trying to fix something on the machine which requires a password, of which I don't possess the knowledge. The shipping supervisor informed me that they changed the password on account of me, which is ridiculous. I was given a final written warning. I was never even given my first warning. I told her that I was not messing with the machine but she didn't hear me. I was sent out of the office again. The written arning disqualified me of receiving a bonus check the next week. I was bummed. They were trying to find ways to fire me so I quit. I'm still seeking employment. My husband who still works there informed me that they are now trying to make changes to the sorting method, which is one of my suggestions on the typed page. Now that I'm not there they can't pay me for that idea. The next day my husband worked, he got written up along with some other co-workers for bogus things. It's again time for bonus checks the next week. They only promote immigrants at this place. They find ways not to give you your bonus check. Half the shippers have left. Morale is very low. They don't do anything about sexual discrimination. Don't apply to work here. If you know someone who wants to work at Express Scripts, tell them about what happened.


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