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Company: 2006 SRT8 CHRYSLER

Category: Other

I purchased a brand new SRT8

Chrysler from your Park Dodge Dealership in Lexington

Park, Maryland

in February of 2006. I have had nothing but problems with this Service


My vehicle currently has

34,000 miles on the odometer. I have had 3 sets of front tires on the vehicle.

I called last Friday to make an appt to figure out what was going on with my

front end. They scheduled me for this Monday, May 5th. I

dropped the car off Sunday night and they had it all day Monday. At the

end of the day Monday, the service dept (Scott) stated the technician did not

get a chance to look at the vehicle, could he keep it another night.

Reluctantly I said yes. All day Tuesday, the car remained there and Scott

called me Tuesday afternoon around 4p to tell me the technician never got

around to looking at my vehicle after “THEY” scheduled the appt for

Monday and said there were other priorities. I then asked Scott if there

were any $55,000 vehicles in the service bay that was purchased from that

particular dealership that were awaiting service, to which he didn’t

answer. He asked to keep the vehicle another night. I said fine,

but I want my vehicle back by noon on Wednesday (today). I had to call

Scott at 12:22 because I had not heard from him to ask about my vehicle and he

said the camber bolts just came in and he would get the technician on it as

soon as he finished LUNCH! I told Scott I did not want to get caught in

the rush hour traffic which begins around 3:00 p.m. He assured me that I

would not. It is now 2:19 and I have yet to hear from Scott.

In closing, I am very

dissatisfied with the service I have been given after purchasing this very,

very expensive car and experienced many, many problems associated with

it. There have been several technical bulletins issued for this vehicle

to which I have been trying to get fixed to no avail. There are more

issues with this dealership but this is the most recent. I would like to

know if Chrysler would reimburse me for the tires, etc., since I can’t

seem to get the vehicle’s front end fixed and the tires are at a cost of $293.00

a piece. I have had 2 sets of all 4 tires replaced.

I have owned a total of 4 Chryslers

and have no plans to purchase anymore nor recommend same to family/friends.

I can be contacted @

301-904-1020 if you wish to discuss this further. Meanwhile, I’m

still waiting for a phone call for my vehicle that has been there since Monday




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