Mobily Saudi Arabia - Mobily Connect Sucks

Posted on Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 at 9:20am CDT by f95fa629

Product: Mobily Connect

Company: Mobily Saudi Arabia

Location: P.O. Box: 9979 Riyadh 11423 Saudi Arabia
Riyadh, Sa, 11423, SA


Category: Other

6 months ago, eight of us living at Jadawel compound near Radwah police station,subscribed to Mobily high speed internet with Mobily 3.5G coverage with speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps according to the company advertisement and the sales people at the store. We have got an unreliable HSDPA/UMTS with maximum speed of 384 Kbps. true speed is 35K down and 23K up. We complained multiple times and we have got nothing resolved. The speed is really terrible and service is non existent. The cost is 350 Saudi Riyal a month and router costs around 1200 Saudi Riyal.


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3350e33b, 2008-05-24, 12:07PM CDT

I believe that Mobily connect is a billion SR scam. I live next to the national guard and I am loosing my mind. My 350 SR subscription is going to waste. I hate those bastards at the Mobily service center. They are liars, deceivers and crooks. They should be publicly flogged for scamming thousands of customers. I fucking hate them and I am going to subscribe with another company.

They promised 7.2 Mbps...the maximum I get is 400 Kbps. The blue light does not yield any internet. It took me three tries so far to upload this msg!!

b386f2a3, 2009-08-30, 04:34AM CDT

ask for the supervisor at mobily office next to sahara mall. he was really helpful and considerate, and did eventually solve our problem.

d1a1a999, 2010-12-07, 11:15AM CST

Good bye mobily.. we just switched to STC.. and guess what? no more LAG, no more "network error"... now, in the office, im going to talk to the network manager to change also from mobily to STC.... bye bye "ROBUST SERVICES"????(by arab news) of mobily.....

30250e2e, 2013-07-20, 01:25PM CDT

Dear Sir,

I am very glad to inform you that the service and the efforts you have for the Sales is very huge, but very regret to inform that After Sales the options are very narrow and very, very poor.

I found plenty of options even in your web page for the Offers, and for help desk is zero options even.

I been continuously trying to get at least one of your customer service representatives to give me satisfactory answer about a query but I am very sorry it doesn't happen.

First i been to your outlets one at Khobar Dammam street in al Khobar, they didn't activate the device and said the job is done the device is fine. When i back to home I found it is not working.

The second day to Dhahran Street in Al Khobar they activate and say it is functional. yes they were right but not up to the devices standard.

Then continuously this is my 5th day calling to your 1100 help line dozens of times.

It takes hours of waiting and secondly the agents disconnecting the line without finishing the job.

What a customer should consider this kind of practice.

Why should he trust your brand?

And why shouldn't he approach to Consumer Rights activist.

I am writing it after i receive very bad experience with your brand services.

Thanking you if you take some time to read this mail and amend a little to your services at least some sufferer's like me could be avoided if u r interested !.


Mohammed Abdul Saleem

056 5079 516

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