Pikes Peak Harley Davidson

Posted on Sunday, May 4th, 2008 at 10:27pm CDT by c670050e

Product: 2008 Harley Ultra Classic anniv model

Company: Pikes Peak Harley Davidson

Location: 5867 N Nevada,
Colorado Springs, CO, 80918, US

URL: http://www.pikespeakharleydavidson.com/

Category: Other

I purchased a 2008 Ultra Classic from Pikes peak in Colorado Springs last year the end of Sept. Since then it has been in the shop at lease 7 times. The first few weeks it was over and over about the brakes squealing so loud they would hurt my ears. Then it goes in for a 5000 service only to come out running hotter then ever before. So hot that the rear cylinder pipe(only one I can see when riding) is so red I could shape it if I was a blacksmith. I take it in and as always there answer is NOTHING IS WRONG, We can't find anything.. SO I take it in again on the 10000 service (8 months into owning this bike) Tell them Its running hot and the first thing they try is to get me to pay $1200 for them to install a power commander and Dyno tune it, saying that would help.. an 8 month old bike should not be running this hot... If this is normal then Harley has a problem... SO I tell them no I will not install the commander because I do not trust them to Dyno my bike. They do a new download, and I leave the shop to find out my bike is now Idling at 1500 RPM. I take it right back they show me how to reset the IDLE and say it is due to holding in the brake and turning off the ignition. WHAT???? What else are you suppose to do?? SO now the bike has never done this before, and still 3 days later EVERY TIME I turn it off and back on I have to reset it? SO now I have a bike that constantly Idles at or above 1500 RPM and because at 10000 service the brake pads needed replaced, it squeals and pierces my ears again... GREAT SERVICE DEPT.... They seem to add problems not fix them.. The only way to contact Harley in Milwaukee is to call them and they want you to hold forever plus close at 4 CST ... Whats next, is Harley going to outsource to China or India? Where is the Service, AMERICAN, service for a "American Bike" that is suppose to be Prestigious yet the dealerships can't service them properly...


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