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Posted on Saturday, May 31st, 2008 at 8:02pm CDT by f69b6194

Product: Plasmaic Fry Pan

Company: Plasma Innovation Cookware

Location: 592 Gordon Baker Road
Toronto, On, M2H 3B4, CA


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See below for details: Complaint began with the base of the frying pan noticeably scratching (due to poor etching of brand name)our glass top stove; the company has wasted our time, money and is not compensating for damages that occurred by using their product. Poor customer service and another company out to make a quick buck!!

Hello Brent,

It is May 12th and I can only assume that your organization is not addressing my concerns. If this is not the case please respond. Otherwise I will take another course of action.

Thank you


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To: [email protected]

Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 2:59 PM

Subject: Letter

Hello Brent,

Here is a copy of the letter that was sent with the frying pan to your office. I have received the frying pan back and as you stated any pieces of metal have been removed. When your organization returned the frying pan it would of been good customer service to receive a letter informing us of the status.

Thank you


April 14th, 2008


592 Gordon Baker Road

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M2H 3B4

ATTENTION: Masoud and Ashley

Re: Damages: Scratches on Frying pan bottom and Maytag Glass Top Stove

Dear Sir and/or Madam,

Thank-you for looking into our concerns. The following is a break down of the activities that took place prior, during and after damages to our Maytag Glass Top Stove took place as a result of a fault of the Plasma Frying Pan.

We had only owned the Plasma Frying Pan for a few days prior to the morning of the incident. I followed "Mo's" instructions of washing it gently in warm soapy water, drying it and rubbing a little oil into the base of the pan to "season" it when I got home for the Ottawa Home Show where the purchased your product. I had used the pan a few times that week and was overall thrilled with it. It never went in to the dishwasher nor was submerged in water after each use, rather wiped out with a soapy cloth, rinsed and dried. At over $200 for a frying pan it was considered and treated as a "prize procession".

The following Friday morning we had company coming over for a big Brunch where I was serving Crepes. I used my new frying pan and to make the crepes, which turned out beautifully, however as the process of making the crepes went on I began to notice that the bottom of the frying pan seemed to want to "stick" to the top of my glass top stove. I did stop and wipe down the bottom of the pan and the top of the stove a few times to try to resolve what was making it "stick" to the glass top but wiping both surfaces did not seem to make much a difference. I let the pan and the stove cool down and then cleaned the glass top (with the appropriate glass top cleaner). It was then that I noticed all of the scratches and tiny dots of silver in my glass top surface. I was trying to gently wash away these tiny silver spots and noticed that if I ran my fingernail over them that I could feel a slight ridge. One of our guests and I very gently removed this tiny "spot" and then realized that is was a very small piece of metal embedded in to the surface of the glass top stove. Our immediate thought was, "Where did these tiny pieces of metal come from?"...that was when I decided to look at the bottom of the frying pan and saw all the scratches on it's bottom and realized that it was indeed metal that had done this damage. But where did it come from? And then we found it. Stuck inside the words "Made in Germany Titanium" where still a few remaining tiny flakes of metal that were left behind (presumably) from when the words where routered out during the construction of the pan.

I believe that the reason these tiny flakes of metal decided to come loose this day, as opposed to the other days of use, was that when one makes crepes it consists of a continuous activity of picking up and putting down the frying pan on to the hot element on the stove top surface. I believe it was this repetitive action of picking up and putting down that "knocked loose" these metal pieces. Even though I continued to wipe the surfaces each time I placed the frying pan down onto the newly wiped surface it must of continued to knock loose more metal shavings left behind from in the routered out words.

This was when we took photo's of the glass top and the frying pan, called your office and spoke with your Customer Service Representation, Ashley, and thusly emailed the images to you. We have not used the frying since this incident and as due requested by yourself, have packaged it accordingly and mailed it to you to further investigate. In the intern we have contacted Maytag Services and inquired as to the cost to replace the glass top portion of our stove. The quote for materials is $400 cnd.

As we understand from Ashley this a situation that you have not run across before,hence, please know that we will assist in answering all queries that you may have. Please contact us either by e-mail ( ) or by telephone ( ) to discuss any portion of this letter and to inform us of your conclusions and recommended actions. If further photo's are required we will happily comply.

Once again, we thank-you very much for helping us resolve this unfortunate matter.



eefc6fe0, 2011-02-15, 10:19PM CST

I got a pan on sale and in order for them to honer the warranty I had to pay another $100 dollars so I would pay full price. I only buy top products and never pay full price. This not moral these people are crooks and no one should buy these pans.

db45064e, 2011-03-04, 08:01PM CST

Same thing happened to me. They say I didn't pay full price (I bought a set) and to cover the warranty I have to pay the difference. The second pan I bought is starting to show wear as well...obviously they don't expect anyone to buy another product or refer business to them ever!

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