TOSHIBA is killing me

Posted on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 at 7:26pm CDT by 21a4bfbf

Company: TOSHIBA is killing me

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Good afternoon,

I am writing you because it seems that I have no place else to go. &#194&#160I recently purchased a new TOSHIBA 32" LCD TV and within a short amount of time, the picture quit working and now I have a $900 nick knack. &#194&#160Because the TV was still under warranty, I called TOSHIBA and they told me they would send a service center right out to fix the issue. &#194&#160This call took place around the 12th of April and I still am without a TV. &#194&#160I have called them, mailed them (both electronically and standard) SEVERAL times but the only response I get is, "relax", "be patient" and my personal favorite; "we are sorry for the inconvenience but we're doing the best we can." &#194&#160It has now been 22 days and they have yet to call me with any new updates. &#194&#160Every time I try to phone them, they are extremely combative and condescending. &#194&#160Out of curiosity, I called the service center they contracted to enquire about my issue and they informed me that TOSHIBA told them that the part won't be available until June, at the earliest. &#194&#160June? &#194&#160Are they kidding me? &#194&#160They expect someone who spent that much money on one of their products to wait TWO MONTHS to service it? &#194&#160I am still paying for COMCAST and I cannot watch or record any TV. &#194&#160It has gotten to the point where not only is this costing me my ability to watch anything, but it is actually costing me money as well. &#194&#160Is there anything that you can do to help alleviate my situation? &#194&#160Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


Eugene, OR


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