motor finance wizard - dodgy car yard

Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2008 at 8:43pm CDT by 2062e01f

Product: holden viva 2005

Company: motor finance wizard

Location: 105 Lonsdale St


Category: Other

i brought a car from a finance company at the end of january its now the end of may and i have no car as the engine has blown up since i bought the car i have had non stop issues with it has already had the radiator replaced the trans module replaced it has been towed 5 times and the company are not at all willing to even help pay the new engine it needs the car has been proven to be unroadworthy when it was sold and stupidly i gave the company ample opportunities to rectify this situation but all they did was shrug me off make little fixtures until i had to pay out of my own pocket to get it looked over to actually get something done now not even a month after the last thing got fixed the engine has blown up they are not willing at all to help me they are quite rude the man i have spoken to david just shrugged off the issue was rude and treated me very poorly


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