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Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2008 at 2:55pm CDT by 35a541b8

Product: sony vaio vgn-nr180e

Company: best buy

Location: 8151 Blanding Blvd
Jacksonville, fl, 32244, US


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On dec 13 2007 i purchased a sony viao from the best buy location on blanding, during this time my computer was a spercialty item that was only available for a short amount of time. 2 months later my laptop started getting alot slower getting to the point that it would freeze at times. i purchased a warranty from best buy when it was purchased and as well i was tol that i had the best insuranse available as i do on my other best buy electrinic accounts. however after goin back and forth from sony and best buy for no less than a total of 3 to 4 months best buy finally told me that since they lost the paperwork in the computer stating previous contacts i had with them and as well informed me of the fact that my insurance was insufficient and would not cover the damages made to my laptop (this sould not have happened, i was actually sold the same warranty that came with the cpu for FREE) i was undersold by the salesman and lied to about my purchase. throughout the ordeal i was told up until recently that any damages would be coverd under the warranty that i have purchased. since this time managers have bounced me around for an un accceptable amount of time and at this point i am asking only to have my cpu repaired. please respond soon

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5cc5a347, 2009-10-10, 03:02PM CDT

I purchased 2 Acer Laptops in Nov. 2007 at $549.99 each. I puchased the insurance for an additional $249.99 for each laptop. I purchased this additional insurance because I was told by numerous employees that it would cover any ACCIDENT except for being submerged in water. The store was out of the English contracts and we were provided a Spanish contract. We don't read or speak Spanish.

On Sept. 18, 2009 my computer was accidently run over, I set things to be loaded into our SUV by my husband, including makup, clothes as well as my laptop. He thought I loaded it all in and backed over these things. We called our local Best Buy who told us it was covered and to bring it in. We did, and at that point we were told it would take a week to hear from the center that fixes the computers. It is now Oct. 10th and we have not heard from them.

We called the store numerous times as well as the customer service; they all say the same thing. It apparently doesn't matter what their sales reps say, the actual insurance agreement states that you have to be using the computer at the time and it covers spills and drops.

I was so angry that I went to a different Best Buy and acted like I wanted to buy a laptop and asked their employee about the insurance. He told me the same thing; all accidents covered except for submersion in water! I called customer service and told them this and they said I should have looked the insuranc plan up online. How could I do this when I didn't have a computer at the time and why should I not believe THEIR employees?

I researched this and found that under the Business and Professional Code section 17500, it is unlawful for employees to say untrue or misleading statements about their products. I since have filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs, the subdivision of, "Bureu of Electronic and Appliance Repair" (BEAR). I am waiting for results. The next step is small claims court. If anyone else has been mislead by Best Buy employees regarding their Insurance, please let me know as it would surely help my case!

If you rather email me, please do so at [email protected] Please write in the subject line "Best buy info". Thank you for your help.

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