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Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2008 at 5:52pm CDT by b9f2a74a

Product: Peace Pillow Plus

Company: Peace Pillows, Inc

Location: 25670 W. 12 Mile Rd. apt #106
Southfield, MI, 48034, US


Category: Other

I ordered a pillow on April 25th, 2008 by phone. My credit card was billed that day. I've never received the pillow and I can't get a return call to find out if it just wasn't shipped or if there was a problem with the shipping or whatever. More than a month later and I haven't received either the pillow or a refund.


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c6d434ed, 2009-01-24, 09:30AM CST

you are posting information about peace pillows plus.that is not the truth and if you dont lawyer will be contacting you for damages.charles r thomas president of peace pillows plus.january 24 2009.

c6d434ed, 2009-07-18, 10:07AM CDT

to you are posting incorrect information on your web site and the customer was a satisfied peace pillow customer for are using my company to bring notice to your company on the search engines.this a illegal way of are discrimaning against peace pillows plus and you are not using any other company as a lead in to your company which is a defective way of said to contact you to take that page down.this has gone on long enough take the peace pillows plus off your web site because you are posting incorrect information which is harmful and not true.charles thomas president of peace pillows plus.find another way to advertise your company before legal action is taken.peace pillows plus has been in business for over twenty three years and is rated high by the better business havent posted any of my replys to your bad way of advertising your company about the customer complaint.

15702d1f, 2011-03-16, 10:06AM CDT

A while back I bought one of these peace pillows pillows. It was terrible. It flatten out the 1st night. It was like sleeping on nothing. I called Charles at and explained that I was not satisfied and I was sending the pillow back immediately for a full refund as stated in the website. Charles told me to keep the pillow & he would send out a new engineered pillow within a few days. 2 weeks went by. Nothing. I tried calling & emailing Charles several times a day for several days but he was letting the calls go to voice mail. I left a message with each call. It was getting closer to the 30 day guarantee so I packed up the pillow & sent it back via USPS with signature confirmation. It sat in the post office for a couple of weeks with no attempt to be picked up. I disputed the charge on my credit card & called Better Business since he wouldn't take my calls or answer emails. I also posted my experience on his website. This infuriated him & then he started replying by sending me nasty,childish emails. Shortly after that he changed the website so only positive reviews could be read. Nothing negative. I also had to threaten him with a lawsuit if he didn't stop sending me nasty emails. Had I not taken the actions I did I would have been out the $50 + & been stuck with a worthless pillow that my cat wouldn't sleep on. I disputed the charge on credit card, was able to prove I sent the pillow back and it had been sitting in the post office for quite awhile which forced him to pick up pillow when he realized he wasn't going to get my money. Thankfully I was only out the shipping charges.

He claims to have been in business for 23 years. I don't see how.

Save your time & money.

BTW, I still have the childish emails he sent me to prove what I'm stating here.

1dcf756c, 2013-04-17, 11:23PM CDT

This website is a horrible reflection of Peace Pillows Inc. These pillows have improved lives significantly. I received a wonderful pillow and have even bought many for family members. My family does not sleep on anything else. It has been a pleasure making Peace Pillow apart of my daily life.

3f471042, 2013-05-21, 09:19AM CDT

I agree with 1dcf756c--horrible reflection of Peace Pillows--both the company and the actual pillows. My family has slept on Peace Pillows ever since I bought one at JC Penney. Then they stopped carrying them and I have bought them online since. They are comfortable for back and side sleepers. They give support while watching TV in bed without crimping your neck. I wash and dry them and they are like new again. They do NOT flatten out. If you have one that does that you must not have a genuine Peace Pillow. Consumers, if you need new pillows, don't pay attention to these horrible comments. Purchase a Peace Pillow and notice how much better you sleep. It will be different than any other pillow so give it a few nights. Your neck will thank you.

fe6136d9, 2014-07-29, 06:57PM CDT

I want to remove complaint c6d434ed,

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