Dr. Lisa Bailey and Associates - Rude and Disrespectful Dentist

Posted on Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 at 3:10pm CDT by ae486893

Product: Dentist

Company: Dr. Lisa Bailey and Associates

Location: Lisa Bailey and Associates 225 West Ascension Street
Gonzales, LA, 70737, US

Category: Other

On 5/8/08 I called Dr. Lisa Bailey's office (Dentist) regarding scheduling another appointment to discuss concerns I had about a dental crown she had previously placed on the right side of my mouth 5/6/08 to tooth #30. The crown was too big and did not fit my retainers properly. The office manager was extremely rude and sarcastic to me questioning whether I was going to bring my 18 month old child with me to the next visit. After repeat sarcasm and unprofessional tactics from the office manager, I requested to speak to the doctor herself. She came on the phone line and calmly said she would see me to resolve the matter of my improperly sized crown. My appointment was scheduled for 5/13/08. On the 13Th when I came in for my last appointment without my child, Dr. Lisa Bailey examined the crown on tooth #30 and accused me of not sitting still during the impression process on two weeks prior. She felt that if I had wanted a new crown that I would have to pay additional costs for a replacement. I disagreed with her and said that the color of the crown was also not my fault but her assistant Angela. Her assistant (Angela) became extremely rude, loud and insisted that I did order a "yellow" crown which was obviously a lie. She walked away when I was calmly disagreeing with her and loudly said "I would not argue with you!" Dr. Bailey also walked away from me twice when I tried to express my point civilly in hopes of reaching a resolution but she continued to blame me and state that I was out of line by questioning her and her staff. After rudely walking away and leaving me to sit in a patient chair for more than 7 minutes unattended, I quickly got up and demanding a refund for the services previously performed. She issued my refund for $420.00 that day and never once apologized for both her and her staff's unprofessional customer care, rudeness, disrespect and sarcasm.

I am requesting an official apology for her extreme level of disrespect and unprofessional customer care. I would per fer to have both a written and verbal apology sent to me acknowledging her actions and those of her staff (office manager and assistant-Angela).


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